Friday 8 January 2021

JUXTAPOSE!!! Two wankers.

Not Kay and Steyn again.

The first one is a Q@non *celebrity* of sorts.

The second one is a p0rn performer. His Twitter account provides a link to his _OnlyFans_ website.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Difficult to tell if @Illuxx1 created a clever parody or simply exploits Jake Angeli's notoriety and current visibility to market his p0rn videos.

U. S. A.

Where one of those two dudes could possibly be a Republican candidate for public office some day...

Perhaps Kay Fils or Mark Steyn could opine about the anti-semitic tattoos on display versus the actual wanking: which one is the greater obscenity?

Another member of the corporate old white boys' club flaunts his privilege.

Kay Fils is a venal and meretricious stenographer: an eager and willing corporate MSM lackey, servicing the interests of the 1% wealthy. 

DAMMIT JANET! has been massively critical of JK's turgid scribbling for over a decade.


I do understand why Kay chooses financial fealty. Though I am also a member of a maligned tribe, which in my case is the impoverished working class, my choices and my political allegiances are different. I don't own a splendid investment portfolio that allows me to hobnob with ruling class chuds like Ken Whyte and to acquire the veneer of privilege that Jon enjoys. This entitles him, he believes, to regurgitate the corporate doctrine with opinionated authority. It suits his intellectual laziness and inherent dishonesty -- no need to rebut any of the actual facts that JK abhors.

"But while it’s sad that such a scene would unfold in a country that many Canadians once looked up to as a democratic beacon, the idea that it has any relevance to Canadian political culture — or that it signals some sort of inveterate malignancy among “white people,” as the Star would have us believe — is nonsense. [..] If right-wing populism really were going to metastasize northward in a meaningful way, it would have happened by now. But it hasn’t."

Kay Fils and his ideological soulmate the egregious Mark Steyn service the needs of their MSM overlords by negating all valid criticism of systemic white privilege and its manifestations. One might view their dumbed-down, disingenuous whataboutism as _Fascism for Dummies_.

Steyn and Kay are the new Ettore Ovazza. To paraphrase Mark's pithy remark on violence, in the context of how he defends and justifies the Capitol Riots: "Must be convenient to have a [corporate] code that obliges all your pathologies."

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Member of the corporate old white boys' club flaunts his privilege.

Or maybe Dr Tom Stewart is hoping his inexcusable yet regrettable malfeasance -- because he was caught and the MSM published it -- will ensure Premier Drug Lord will appoint him to Dr Williams job, in the same way that ex-premier Mike Heinous was awarded the Order of Ontario?

By the way, this isn't the first time this corrupt creep makes the news.
“We regret this unfortunate situation,” Mount Sinai president Joseph Mapa said in a statement to the Star on Wednesday. He sent an internal note to hospital colleagues saying it was with a “heavy heart” he accepted Dr. Tom Stewart’s resignation as physician-in-chief and director of the medical/surgical intensive care unit.

It was shortly thereafter that Stewart skipped town and got a soft landing in Hamilton.

He's cut from the same corporate corruption as *Dr* Merrilee Fullerton and Christine Elliott. Clearly these greedy supporters of privatized healthcare think the Hippocrates pledge is just an old Greek thingy that's no longer relevant.

If the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario still upholds rigorous professional standards for its members, it's worth filing a complaint about both of these charlatans. This is the email address: -- their malfeasance has been reported, it is now their colleagues' and the public's duty to insist that CPSO enforce the relevant disciplinary measures.

UPDATE: Well, well. Our blogger colleague Alison at Creekside draws our attention to this latest development: Twitter thread and discussion here. I expect the usual *anti-political-correctness* rightwing chuds like Kay Fils will shriek something something about _Cancel Culture_.


If only voters and taxpayers could fire corrupt, malfeasant politicians like Ford, Elliott and Fullerton just as efficiently..

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Tetanus McGrift

Who the hell is hogging the victim wah-wah pedal

Oh right-o. That's Andrew Doyle, curtailed in his attempt to squeeze more $$$ from @TitaniaMcGrath, the lemon he spawned from his malcontent alter ego, garnished with the face of his RealDoll™ and weaponized with gobs of his/her/their fatuous, churlish, humourless tweets. 

Doyle is an odd duck who seems to hang out at the doctrinaire Quislette where fakerydeceitfraud and hoax are championed if clothed in the correct ideological garb. Charmed by Tetanus' purported strident, *leftist* siren's song, the alpha dogs and even Kay Fils occasionally throw him some scraps from their table. Dixit the man, à propos the malicious fabricated subterfuge he believes to be a Swiftian-level parody:

"From Titania’s earliest appearance, I resolved to stay anonymous — not to cause mischief, but more for the fun of it. If people believed she was real, I reasoned, I could enter into dialogue with her detractors. This meant that the satirical impact would not be restricted to what Titania said, but how others reacted to her. Her tweets are designed to ridicule the excesses of the social justice left, but her interactions tend to expose the folly of those on the right who take her at face value and lose their temper. As such, her targets are not limited to one side of the political spectrum." 
Juxtapose! Compare the Tetanus avatar with the silicon playmate whose current nom de guerre is Jessica. The blank eyes, slightly ajar lips, blonde hair.. thoroughly down-tarted and accessorized with photoshopped glasses and a library to convey intellectual credibility. Voilà! Is this how Incel boyz amuse themselves when they wish they could cavort with $6K Barbies? 

So pucker up gurrl — your charmless Daddy is going to press you hard and put you away dry. To update Madonna's _Material Girl_ lyrics: 

'Cause we are living in a monetized world
And I am a monetized girl..

Do check out Doyle's Twitter Galatea, here. His/her/their fans are legion, at least in his mind. Note the appropriated banner art, no credit given to its creator. He must fantasize how he/she/they emulate the witty brilliance of @TheTweetOfGod. None of them are in David Javerbaum's league

It has been pointed out by many that an aggrieved Doyle uses a stodgy Tetanus to malevolently punch down at his targets. Though pathetically cringe-inciting, he/she/they are deeply unfunny. 

That + his/her/their hamfisted tweets are anti-comedy poison. Not canceled, just canned. Hence the MASSIVE failure on the Fringe and club circuit.

Monday 28 December 2020

Premier Deadbeat Dad

Or if you prefer, Daddy Cheesecake. There were some inspired responses to my previous blogpost about Premier Daddy Drug Lord's Magical Make-over.

A powerful Twitter hashtag Premier #DeadBeatDadDoug is the brainchild of David D. aka @answerallman. The Beaverton picked up the theme with its _ Deadbeat Dad Behind in Health Care System Payments_. 

More critics of Premier Drug Lord's corrupt and depraved mismanagement of the Covid19 pandemic and ensuing systemic public healthcare crisis have presented cogent facts.

The best way to counter all disingenuous campaigns, electoral or other, that try to spin Premier DeadbeatDad and Fraud Nation's governance as anything but carnage and calamity for the 99% of people in Ontario is to state and restate the evidence. 

That's it. Acts of corporate corruption and gross, deliberate malfeasance from Ford, Elliott, Lecce, Mulroney and *Dr* Fullerton are well-documented.


We won't let the rightwing and pro-liberal MSM gild Daddy Cheesecake's flaming pile of shit. We will oppose their propaganda and expose its stench and toxicity.

Sunday 27 December 2020

Premier Daddy Drug Lord's Magical Make-Over

A PR campaign calculated to deliberately *change the story* about the Ford government's Covid19 failure to defend and protect the people of Ontario is visibly under way.

Vomitrocious propaganda from a former Toronto Sun stenographer. He parrots focus group speaking points from the Cons' campaign to obnubilate facts about their malfeasance and lack of due diligence to prevent Covid19 deaths in Ontario. 

He cites an opinion from this Navigator™ flakan experienced turd-gilder and lobbyist who susurrates slick BS with practiced aplomb.

[Ford] was dogged by controversy over rebranded, and subsequently defective, licence plates. He was feuding with the province's teachers unions during tense contract talks. And he vowed to launch his 2022 re-election campaign this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

"He became 'Premier Dad' to everybody and he found that empathy," said Amanda Galbraith, a principal at public relations firm Navigator and former communications director for Toronto Mayor John Tory [..]

No, the "experts" quoted in the fluff piece aren't tripping on Doug's prime hashish. They are seasoned spin doctors doing their job: diverting all journalistic attempts to scrutinize Fraud Nation's malfeasant actions and depraved incompetence during the pandemic and the systemic public health crisis. 

Nothing has changed. Premier Fraud Nation exploits Covid19 for his own political agenda. The rightwing media amplifies his lies, trying not to trip over the bodies of those who have died and are suffering in private and hugely profitable Long Term Care residences.

More honest trenchant reactions to the Premier Dad® crap here.

A reminder of the harm and pain that squalid, corrupt Fraud Nation has inflicted upon Ontario people. From here.

This is an old problem. But now LTC industry lobbyists exploit Ford's *Open For Business* channels to receive federal pandemic $$$ and to guarantee retroactive impunity for their malevolent carnage.

Fraud Nation has hit the campaign trail.. so let's hit back, chipping away at the sparkly brass of his public relations. Let's expose what he's done, and how this greedy, sleazy huckster is paving the way to a gravy trough full of taxpayer-funded freebies for his criminal cronies, developer buddies, corporate hogs and other good ol' boys to stuff themselves. Opposition to the Ford government kleptocracy is organized and its genuine, grass-roots people and groups will lead the battle. 

Updated to include knowledgeable facts from actual journalists doing their work, plus a pithy observation from Fern Hill.

Friday 25 December 2020

Away from these stories we tell and the waltz we take.

_Take This Waltz_ is a current offering on MUBI, a film-streaming service. Also, _Away From Her_. I own a dvd copy of the latter which has an Academy Award nominated screenplay, adapted from an Alice Munro short story.

Sarah Polley writes, casts and directs her film stories for women and for those who love us. Some tedious men who reviewed _Take This Waltz_ were rather loathsome about it. Their hatefulness is self-revealing; it exposes their toxic masculine insecurities and egregious, narcissistic beliefs about people who don't look like them or behave as they do.

Men who will twist themselves into knots defending Weinstein + other movie industry sex predators and glorifying their worst anti-cinematic garbage, can't find enough words in their meagre vocabulary to disparage Polley's films, as this dickhead did. Fortunately, there are many who are able to appreciate her work
Stories We Tell is not just very moving; it is an exploration of truth and fiction that will stay with you long after repeated viewings. For a first screening of this picture is simply a way of getting in training for it. It is fiendishly difficult to review and to praise properly. This is not just documentary, but narrative magic. As one figure in the film says to the director, Sarah Polley, “What a vicious director you are.” The remark is offered with paternal humor, but no great irony. For the speaker has been put through the wringer, and a similar process is waiting for anyone hoping to talk about the picture. [...] 
So the documentary has to yield some space to being a family story—like Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Ghosts, and Three Sisters. But those plays are written in tragic tones, and they involve self-destructive people. One of the bonuses in Stories We Tell is how decent and well-meaning the other people in the circle are. They include the siblings and half-siblings as well as friends from several generations. There is a tenderness implicit in the way they talk and pay attention to each other that may be unusually well-behaved, but which also grows out of mutual respect for untidy family get-togethers, children mingling with pets, and the urge to record them all for the album of record and misunderstanding. Stories We Tell is an admission that we are not good with facts.
When _Stories We Tell_ was released in 2013, I wrote this at DJ!

I love _Take This Waltz_ and upon viewing it again, discovered delightful bits that hadn't registered the first time. Such as this deliciously raucous version of _Closing Time_ performed by Feist.

A key confrontation played by Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams encapsulates a dilemma many women face.  What is worse: abandoning the social imperative to nurture one's child, or refusing to coddle a man-baby who doesn't want children who might be winning competitors for his wife's attention?

The film has scene upon scene of such subtle, underwritten encounters between its characters. Women get it. Most men don't. 

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Ça suffit!!! -- ENOUGH!

For over a decade, DJ! has published blogposts that expose the malevolent weapons deployed by patriarchy to enforce its gynophobic ideologies.

Fern writes and tweets mainly about choice with respect to women's reproductive rights, and its sociopolitical significance. I focus on individual and systemic manifestations of a system that upholds men's privilege and impunity in matters of physical and sexual violence against women and girls.

Around 2016 I lost patience with the drawn-out process of writing blogposts about these issues. So much unrelenting VaW everywhere across the planet, that tweeting / retweeting was expedient. 

Every act of violence against women and girls boils down to the same element: men are "allowed" to do what they do and the challenge is to not get *caught* and if that happens, count on the old white boys to affirm the male imperative to hunt down their prey and have fun, doing harm.


“I think this Tuesday, Dec. 15, will be a dark one for all victims of sexual assault, because I am an example of the limits of the justice system when it comes to sexual violence. I profoundly deplore that the myths and the stereotypes of another era, that were often brought up by the defence, could be echoed in that courtroom. It is a negative message sent by the justice system to victims,” Charette said.

“Finally, to all the victims, I would like to say this: Don’t be ashamed. Despite the disappointment of today, I invite you to denounce (sexual assaults). Things are starting to change.”

Change..? Seems so, so slow. Peter Nygård was arrested in Winnipeg for extradiction to the US to stand trial.
His arrest on sex trafficking charges came after U.S. federal authorities raided Nygard’s Manhattan offices earlier this year [...] after 10 women sued Nygard, saying he enticed young and impoverished women to his Bahamas estate with cash and promises of modeling and fashion opportunities. Several plaintiffs in the suit, filed in New York City, said they were 14 or 15 years old when Nygard gave them alcohol or drugs and then raped them. 


Last, and certainly not least

In a series of sexual-assault rulings this fall, the Supreme Court has sent a message to appellate courts that they should listen to lower-court judges who believe the complainant.

The court has ruled in seven sexual-assault cases this fall, and in all seven, it has taken the side of the complainant and prosecution. In five of those cases, appeal courts had thrown out convictions registered by trial judges, saying their decisions had been unfair to the male defendants. In the other two, trial judges convicted the men and appeal-court majorities upheld the convictions. [...]

Women’s advocates say the Supreme Court is maintaining its fairness.

“I really don’t see this in any way being about a loss of objectivity and fairness or jumping on the MeToo bandwagon,” Megan Stephens, the executive director and general counsel for the Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund, said in an interview.

The court, she said, is sending a message to appeal courts not to second guess trial judges on credibility and reliability assessments. “The primary message coming out of the Supreme Court is ‘don’t forget, you owe deference to those trial judges’. ”

Assessments of credibility (honesty) and reliability (accuracy) are central to the trial judge’s job. Appeal courts generally defer to these assessments because it is the trial judge who sits in court and hears directly from the witnesses. Witnesses do not testify at appeal courts. But if an appeal court believes the trial judge made a legal error in their approach to assessing credibility, it can throw out a conviction and order a new trial.
There were no legal errors. The criminal defence lawyers who appealed their clients' guilty verdicts would not accept the judges' judicial decision based on the testimony of witnesses / complainants whose credibility they attempted to destroy for their clients to *win* and to affirm their right to rape.

As these two squalid predators did, and were acquitted of their crimes, free to sexually assault again with impunity.

Legal errors. Did Judge Beaudoin commit any of those? Or was he merely conned by the prolific liar and accused serial sex predator Paul Batchelor?

Change. Whatever. Du n'importe quoi.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Sons of Gavin McAnus

A fitting name for the _Proud Boys™_.

So so much I have tweeted about their Dungeon Daddy's idiocy and their violent, circus-clownish peccadillos, since McAnus first spawned them. If my twitter account is restored, I'm archiving all my scathingly savage observations about this cesspool scum and their hipster neonazi progenitor.

Following in their patriarch's footsteps, the "boys" try to elevate gross, self-indulgent frat boy antics into ersatz civil disobedience. The medium is the message.

And what's with the piss-yellow, skid-mark-stained kilt fabric they're sporting during their little display? Their fashion stylist clearly believes that form follows function.

The response is mostly aghast and justifiably derisive. Some dickhead likened it to a PETA or FEMEN protest. Wut? Why not PUSSY RIOT, without the justesse, the wit, the punk music or the talent?

Some sharply noted words about this.


Seriously, though.

Trump repeatedly using the WP hand sign. A historic church under attack. Calculated tactics.

White supremacy choreographed by the Ku Klux Kops.