Friday, 19 July 2019

An Unplanned Silver Lining

Well, that was a roller-coaster ride, wasn't it?

Unplanned, the movie about the very questionable events around the conversion of a pro-choice Planned Parenthood employee into a howling fetus freak, has mostly finished its run in Canada.

It opened in March in the US, but not in Canada. Some of the cast spoke at the March for Lies in Ottawa in May. Sponsored by some Conservative MPs, it was screened as part of the bun-fest.

The next we hear of it is that it was "banned." No, it wasn't, it just did not have a Canadian distributor. "Wah-wah-wah," from the anti-abortion crowd, "we are being persecuted. Again."

The same gang of MPs, led by Brad Trost, agitated online to bring the movie here. (Now that Trost has lost his nomination bid for re-election, he is free to be all anti-abortion all the time. See his Twitter account.)

So then it got a distributor, who moonlights as a Christian pastor.

A few independent theatres agreed to show it. But then there were
allegations of threats
made to two indy houses. "Aha! See? It's the pro-choice side that's violent!!!"

Then Cineplex and Landmark Cinemas announced they were giving it a limited run in a few of their theatres.

There were protests by pro-choice people against Cineplex.

The protests centred around the fact that the story itself is highly dubious (see first link), the depiction of abortion is misleading, sensationalized and just plain wrong, and the portrayal of abortion providers shows them to be cartoonishly evil. In short, it is USian anti-choice propaganda.

Anyway, the film ran, there were a few protests, and reviews were written. In the opinion of NOW's film critic, Norm Wilner, the whole schmozzle was orchestrated and we were all played.

As is clear from the links above, Canadian mainstream media covered the hoopla.

But what about the reviews?

It has been said that bad reviews are more fun to write -- and read. ALL the reviews of Unplanned here are bad. And fun. Canadian movie critics had a ball with Unplanned.

(The Guardian review has been included because it's fun too.)

Here are five Canadian reviews from mainstream outlets: Maclean's, Winnipeg Free Press, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, and even the Toronto Sun. A "fact check" piece was done by the Toronto Star.

All the reviewers call the movie "propaganda."

All the reviewers question the truthfulness of the story.

And three of the five reviews, plus the fact check, counter the movie's lies with facts.

First from The Guardian, Jordan Hoffman, March 29.
The deck:
In a dim-witted Christian drama part-financed by the disgraced founder of a pillow manufacturer, a woman discovers abortion is evil.

Despite the many ghastly scenes of blood (so much blood), Abby has her epiphany observing cheap, risible CGI of an ultrasound. A fetus presents what could be misinterpreted as fear or pain during the procedure. As Abby mugs, the callous doctor barks orders and the music swells just as the prayer group is mid-chant outside. We get corny closeups of medical tubes overflowing with what look like raspberry Icees. It’s enough to make anyone turn to a higher power, just to get this movie to end!

Next, from Maclean's Anne Kingston, July 15. Kingston also counters lies with facts and questions the story's truthfulness.

Such [ethical] queries aren’t pondered in Unplanned, a movie whose disturbing content has less to do with gore than its stealthy scare-mongering and misinformation about abortion that could put women’s health at risk.

From Winnipeg Free Press, on July 15, Jen Zoratti:

In Unplanned, abortion is depicted as dangerous, scary and something obtained only by white teenage girls. In reality, the procedure is safe, common and women from all socio-economic backgrounds access abortion care. The thing about propaganda is, it has to be persuasive to be effective. Unplanned is too simplistic to do much more than preach to the converted.

Now for a quite glorious review by Barry Hertz on July 10 in the Globe and Mail.

Anti-abortion film Unplanned is a disgusting piece of propaganda that may endanger the health of women

Unplanned will make you writhe in agony over how such an ugly, malicious and potentially dangerous piece of religious and political propaganda could have made its way into this world.

On July 11, Chris Knight of the Ottawa Citizen weighed in.

But none of this matters, because the film is preaching to the choir; no one who disagrees with its central tenet will be watching. And even if presented to a mixed audience, Unplanned is neither smart enough to rally anyone to its cause, nor dumb enough to alienate those who believe its message. As propaganda, therefore, it’s basically useless.

And finally, the surprise from the Toronto Sun by Liz Braun on July 9.

People are not protesting the movie here for pro-choice reasons but for pro-truth reasons — the film is said to be full of misrepresentations about abortion procedures (bloody! dangerous! terrifying!) and lies about Planned Parenthood, suggesting the organization pushes abortions. In fact, Planned Parenthood is a crucial health service for women in America and provides cancer screening, birth control materials and counselling, Pap smears, breast exams, STD testing and other services.

Just to round out the coverage, here is the fact check piece by Cherise Seucharan and Tessa Vikander from July 12 in the Toronto Star.

For pro-choice in Canada, while the movie is dangerous, it has proved to have a silver lining. The mainstream media agree: anti-choicers tell a lot of lies that the media is prepared to call out and counter.

And there was a very satisfying response of outrage and protest from ordinary people on social media and letters to the editor. Plus, of course, people who actually turned up to demonstrate.

There is absolutely no doubt. The response to Unplanned proves it. Canada is pro-choice.

UPDATE: July 21/19
More proof that Canada is pro-choice and wants nothing to do with USian propaganda bullshit.

Cineplex and Landmark chains refuse to extend Unplanned's one-week run.

In Lethbridge, two pro-choice groups paid to run ads with the movie.
Moreover, two local groups — one styling itself the Concerned Citizens of Lethbridge, the other a “pro-choice” association — each paid for a 15-second still advertisement in the eight-minute rotation that plays while people wait for the movie to begin, Binning said.

The Concerned Citizen ad stated: “The Unplanned movie is grossly inaccurate; for more information from a real medical professional go to” and the message from Pro-Choice Society of Lethbridge & Southern Alberta read: “Abortion? Birth control? We support and empower reproductive choice.”

And 68 radio stations have refused to run ads for it.

Canada is good.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Revoke Charitable Tax Status of Anti-choice Groups

The petition signers call upon the government of Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency to:

• Revoke charitable tax status from all anti-choice groups
• Not allow new anti-choice groups to become charities
• Require that charities not work to oppose Charter and human rights, as per the similar requirement for the Canada Summer Jobs program

The numbers:
About 225 anti-abortion groups in Canada have charitable tax status – 71% of all anti-abortion groups. Of these 225 groups, 147 are “crisis pregnancy centres” that try to dissuade women from abortion, 73 are groups that advocate against abortion, and 5 are abstinence education or adoption promotion organizations. In comparison, only 3 of 26 pro-choice groups have charitable tax status.

Anti-choice groups do not meet requirements for charitable tax status because:

• They do not serve any public benefit, act to oppose human rights, and are harmful and discriminatory.

• Abortion has been legal for over 30 years and has become a fundamental Charter right for women and transgender people under Sections 7 and 15 (security of the person and equality). Yet anti-choice advocacy groups oppose these rights and ultimately want to re-criminalize abortion. Anti-human rights groups should not have charity status.

• "Crisis pregnancy centres” (CPCs) provide medical misinformation to their clients and the public, and thereby pose a threat to Canadians’ access to necessary healthcare and their right to unbiased, accurate information. CPCs create societal harm by reinforcing abortion stigma, and fostering feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, and confusion in clients considering abortion.

• The use of medical misinformation and ideological propaganda by anti-choice charities cannot have any public benefit since it is not based on sound research or evidence, and fails the requirement that charities be “truthful, accurate, and not misleading.” Further, the information provided does not allow for informed decision making or the weighing of competing viewpoints, thereby not meeting the definition of “education.” And contrary to the definition of “healthcare,” anti-choice CPCs do not provide any direct healthcare – only biased counselling by untrained peer counsellors. Instead of “preventing or relieving a mental or physical health condition” – i.e., unwanted pregnancy – they hope to dissuade clients from using contraception and having abortions.

Petition by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.

Sign the petition here.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

The Making of a Grassroots Activist

A woman in Haldimand Norfolk County in Ontario has made such a pain in the neck of herself that when a giant inflatable baby went missing, several people suspected suggested that she was involved.

Oddly, it was the same promotional inflatable that first caught Georgia Gamble's attention. Just over two years ago, a local restaurant used a picture of Baby Hope (awww) on its Facebook page to advertise a fund raising campaign for Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre, an anti-choice crisis pregnancy centre.

She says: "The restaurant made it clear that they supported a woman’s choice and that this group they were raising money for 'were not like those kind of groups' which don’t support a woman’s choice.  This just didn’t sit well with me and I started to investigate just what crisis pregnancy centres were all about."

She came across a blog post here at DJ! about 100 Who Care groups and specifically about Women Who Care Norfolk.

(Briefly, here's how 100 Who Care groups work. A bunch of people get together a few times a year to hear pitches directly from good causes in their communities. Most groups require that the good cause be a registered charity. They listen, vote, and write cheques for $100 each. The Women Who Care Norfolk raised $14,600 for the Norfolk Fake Clinic.)

Georgia contacted the restaurant and explained what CPCs were about and from the response, she suspected the Norfolk centre hadn't been entirely candid with the restaurant about its true agenda.

Which we know is to lie to, manipulate, and shame pregnant people out of exercising their right to abortion.

Someone alerted Georgia to the fact that United Way of Halidimand-Norfolk also supported the anti-abortion group (page 6 here in United Way Annual Report 2017). When Georgia tried to enlighten UW, it insisted it was supporting parenting programs.

And an activist was born.

She began to research what other community groups and businesses were supporting CPCs. There is another fake clinic in the area -- Haldimand Pregnancy Care Centre, which by the way, received $36.4K in Canada Summer Job Grants, putting it in the top 5 nationwide. Until pro-choice activists put a stop to the practice.

She shared this information via social media like Facebook and Twitter. The Haldimand Norfolk Pro-Choice Coalition was created.

"My goal was to expose fake clinics and the harm they do in the community. I wanted people to know that they were donating to anti-choice groups.

"And it’s not always about raising money. Some groups and people continue to support the CPCs by allowing them to participate in local events. The Dunnville Bell Let’s Talk allows the Haldimand Pregnancy Centre to have an information booth at the Mental Health Fair.  The CAMHS Wellness and Recovery Centre in Simcoe allows the Norfolk Pregnancy Centre to have a information booth at their Wellness Event. For two years I have contacted them and let them know about the inaccurate information these two groups share but they continue defend their decision.

"The RBC Port Dover branch collected money from clients.  We contacted corporate and they defended the partnership saying they 'don’t take a stand on women’s reproductive healthcare'.

"The Norfolk Rotary and Haldimand-Norfolk Soroptimists International continue to donate to them."

But there have been successes. The United Way’s allocation committee did not choose either of the CPCs to receive any money this year. Domino's Pizza in Simcoe went from supporting the Norfolk centre with a Family Fundraising event, complete with bouncy castle, to denying that it was going to support them in the first place.

And of course, the Norfolk fake clinic is pretty unhappy with these efforts. Its website is pretty slick.

Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre is a non profit, non-judgmental, safe place where anyone in the community experiencing pregnancy, parenting issues and/or related concerns, can come for loving, professional, FREE help and support.
It gets around the religious "mission" issue with this FAQ.
Is NPC a branch of a church or churches?

NPC is an independent organization with its own charitable status. We are a provincially incorporated organization.  Although many churches support the work we offer to those who choose our services we are not affiliated with any one church, denomination or business. 

But elsewhere on the site there's this.

And about that "abducted" inflatable baby? It was returned with a ransom-style note saying the abduction was a prank.

As for Georgia, she is finding this grassroots activity very satisfying. She continues to check social media and share information with her community. The Facebook page is growing.

She has some advice for others who might want to take up a similar hobby. "Just keep at it. Don't give up. Keep exposing organizations that are partnering with the CPCs. Share the disinformation, lies and harm that CPCs spread in communities. Let people know that CPCs aren’t what they appear to be. They say they aren’t faith based but that couldn’t be farther from the truth."

Follow Haldimand Norfolk Pro-Choice Alliance at @Prochoice_HN.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Anti-Choice in Our Schools

New school year, new challenges and questions. For parents and students alike.

In Ontario, the Fraud government is trying to axe the "new" sex ed curriculum and is running into more trouble than it expected.

In Calgary, the school board has severed ties with a fake clinic that taught sex ed in PUBLIC schools.

A couple of other school boards in Alberta have done the same. @ABProchoice tweeted a thread of other anti-choice organizations that offer sex ed. I used Threadreader (very easy, even for TechnoDork) to compile the info more permanently.

The information comes from Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada's study of Fake Clinics' (aka Crisis Pregnancy Centres) websites updated. (The study was in 2016.)

I plan to get to work on compiling similar info for the rest of Canada, but if any reader knows of anti-choice groups teaching sex ed in a public school board or school, please let us know.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Lawless Abortion: No, We Do Not Need a Law

We Need a Law, the astroturf wing of Dominionist group Association for Reformed Political Action*, has put up its first billboard in Dartmouth, NS.

No doubt to the group's delight, it is causing controversy.

Pattison Outdoor, which rents the space, says it has received complaints, but will not take it down unless instructed to by Ad Standards.

So, friends of truth and choice, we need to complain. Ad Standards has made this relatively easy.

Go here and read the instructions. There is a handy online form.

For this ad, I think the section of The Code that applies is 1(a) under "Accuracy and Clarity."
In assessing the truthfulness and accuracy of a message, advertising claim or representation under Clause 1 of the Code the concern is not with the intent of the sender or precise legality of the presentation. Rather the focus is on the message, claim or representation as received or perceived, i.e. the general impression conveyed by the advertisement.

(a) Advertisements must not contain, or directly or by implication make, inaccurate, deceptive or otherwise misleading claims, statements, illustrations or representations.
Section 14 "Unacceptable Depictions and Portrayals may also apply and has been successfully used against anti-choice advertising in the past.

Getting back to "Accuracy and Clarity," while technically accurate, the ad has two misleading implications:

1. That there is no regulation of abortion. This is not true. Like all other medical procedures, abortion is regulated by the practitioners, in this case the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. Here are the guidelines.

2. That patients and providers are doing something wrong or illegal. Also not true. Abortion was decriminalized in 1988. It is a common medical procedure, fully covered by Canada's universal health insurance.

On the second point, Section 14(c) and (d) may apply.
(c) demean, denigrate or disparage one or more identifiable persons, group of persons, firms, organizations, industrial or commercial activities, professions, entities, products or services, or attempt to bring it or them into public contempt or ridicule;
(d) undermine human dignity; or display obvious indifference to, or encourage, gratuitously and without merit, conduct or attitudes that offend the standards of public decency prevailing among a significant segment of the population.

Let's do this. We Need a Law (Like a Hole in the Head) plans to put up 70 of these billboards across Canada.

Complain. Complaining works.

(Note: The online form takes a while to load. It's not loading for me at all, so I'm going to email. info @

ADDED: ARCC also has a guide to lodging complaints with Ad Standards.

*I've written about ARPA a lot. It is a political action group devoted to imposing Christian theocracy.

The mission of ARPA Canada is to educate, equip, and encourage Reformed Christians to political action and to bring a biblical perspective to our civil authorities.
They lobby the hell out of government, meddling in abortion matters, assisted dying, freedom of religion, and other shit that is none of its business.

It is not a benign influence on civic debate.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Canada Summer Jobs: The Round-Up (for now)

I'm still laughing about this.

Visitors to DJ! over the past two or so weeks may have been bored to tears by noticed my rather compulsive compilations of apparently religious outfits that appear on the Canada Summer Jobs list of successful employers, i.e. groups that signed the evil abortion clause.

My point, of course, was to demonstrate that many, many religious organizations understood perfectly well what the government was trying to accomplish with the attestation despite the shrieking and spin from Conservatives, media, and the Church. The point was made by Michael Coren who had access to "official documents."
Official documents show that of the 2,728 faith-based organizations that applied for summer jobs funding this year, 58 per cent were willing to sign the attestation. Of the 115 Anglican groups that applied, only 10 refused so sign, and only two of the 199 United Church-affiliated organizations refused. Even more startling, none of the 89 Jewish or 130 Muslim groups withheld their support. Which leaves evangelical groups and, of course, Roman Catholics.

Opposition to abortion has become an absolute of conservative Catholic opinion even though, it should be noted, Canadian Catholics in general do not share this view and progressive Catholics have a far more nuanced approach.

Also, there is far more ambiguity in the Catholic response to the program than we have been led to believe. Contrary to what many critics of the policy have claimed, of the 365 Catholic organizations applying for funding, the overwhelming majority signed on, with less than a third (32 per cent) refusing to do so.
Indeed, the Catholic website, LieShite did their own compilation and came up with the number "157 identifiably Catholic groups" who checked the box.
“We didn’t start this controversy,” [Cardinal Thomas] Collins told Vatican Radio in February. “We’re trying to be cooperative, but we cannot check off the box.”

But despite this, at least 157 identifiably Catholic groups have done just that, according to the database of Canada Summer Job grant recipients for 2018, available online for some weeks.

Of these, the majority — 107, or 68 percent — are parishes, but charities, school boards, religious orders, hospitals, a day care, and care homes are also listed.
And even Jesuits!

LifeShite links to a PDF documenting who's keeping the dough, who's returning it, and who didn't bother to respond to LieShite's demand for explanations.

The site says that 30 groups intend to return the money. But sadly, not before:
They have now disappeared, but not, unfortunately, before a pro-abortion blogger gleefully displayed a screenshot of their names, with the derisive comment: “Make up you [sic] mind, guys.”

Of course that was me here. The typo was gratuitous.

The same day LieShite broke the news that 157 Catholic groups wanted the dough more than the martyrgasm, it also published a story about people "knowingly" ticking the box.

So, it looks like the evil-doers are getting spanked in public. I wonder if we'll ever know if they do actually return the money.

I've checked out the whole country now and I must say that we have an impressive array of do-gooders and entrepreneurs out there. As Coren says, not only Catholics, but other Christians, Jews, and Muslims will hire students with government help this summer.

In my perusal, I found Buddhists in Thornhill, atheists (!) in Lanark, and Knights of Columbus (!!!) in Miramichi and Sydney-Victoria. Coren doesn't mention a large number of Sikh groups, mostly in BC and Ontario.

Remember, this all started with Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada volunteers examining Canada Revenue charitable tax filings then matching the "government" funding up with Canada Summer Jobs.

Here are the info sheets. Funny, but absolutely nobody has picked up on the fact that ARCC also identified dozens of groups who did not properly report government funding. There is also a searchable PDF of which anti-choice groups got CSJ money, in which ridings, from which MPs and parties.

Finally, I'm happy to report that only one (maybe two) identified anti-choice group -- a fake clinic in Kitchener -- got approved this year. (The maybe second one is a maternity home partnered with a fake clinic in Calgary.

A friend had noted anti-LGBTQ groups that got CSJ money previously. They were happy to report that only three such groups succeeded this year, including Echo Lake Bible Camp in Saskatchewan.

So. The attestation is working as intended. We are pleased.

ADDED: Lists of religious groups getting Canada Summer Jobs money by province.

Ontario religious groups, part 1

Ontario, part 2

Alberta religious groups


Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador

British Columbia


PEI and territories

Nova Scotia


New Brunswick

Quebec Religious Groups That Will Get Canada Summer Jobs Grants

And for the grande finale, Quebec. My French stinks, but I had some help in recognizing key words (thank you, deBeauxOs). Nonetheless the website search was critical. I almost included an orchard.

The usual reminders on process: I was going by name only, quite literally. All (known) religious groups got tagged. Others that sounded "churchy" got checked. Caps and quotation marks from original document. Where "no website" is noted I could not find a website for that particular group. (Obviously there is a website for "United Church of Canada" but sometimes I couldn't find one specific to that riding.) Where a link is not provided, it is elsewhere in this blogpost. I haven't done the hyperlink thing, because there are too many. Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste.

Asterisks indicate a Catholic organization. And hoo-boy are there a lot of them!

MP Saganash, Romeo, NDP

MP Moore, Christine NDP
Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-Joseph de Notre-Dame-du-Nord ***
Paroisse Sainte-Trinité de Rouyn-Noranda ***
Paroisse de Saint-Édouard-de-Fabre ***
Fabrique Notre Dame du Rosaire de Ville Marie ***

MP Joly, Mélanie, Lib.
Eglise Arménienne Sourp Hagop
Centre Chabad Chabanel
Église des disciples du Christ de Montréal
First Armenian Evangelical Church
Muslim Association of Canada
"Soeurs de la Providence, Prov. Émilie-Gamelin" ***

MP Iacono, Angelo, Lib
Le Relais du Quartier de St-Vincent de Paul ***
La Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Sylvain
Argenteuil-La Petite-Nation
MP Lauzon, Stéphane, Lib.

Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia
MP Lauzon, Stéphane, Lib.
Fabrique de la paroisse St-Jacques-le-Majeur no website **
Fabrique de l'Ascension-de-Patapédia no website **
Fabrique de la Paroisse St-Edmond
Fabrique de la paroisse Coeur-Immaculé-de-Marie   **
Fabrique de Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici ***
Fabrique de la paroisse Sainte-Luce ***
Fabrique de la paroisse de St-Tharcisius no website   ***
La Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-Pierre-du-lac
La Fabrique de la Paroisse du Saint-Nom-de-Marie ***

MP  Bernier, Maxime (Hon.), Con
Fabrique Saint-Georges ***

Beauport-Côte-de-Beaupré-Île d'Orléans-Charlevoix
MP Boucher, Sylvie, Con.
La fabrique de la paroisse St-François-d'Assise **
Fondation Ste-Thérèse-de-Lisieux **

MP Clarke, Alupa, Con.
La Fabrique de la Paroisse de Notre-Dame-de-Beauport **
La Société Saint-Vincent de Paul de Québec ***
Église Saint-Charles de Limoilou: Espaces d'initiatives  ***

MP Plamondon, Louis, Groupe parlementaire québécois
Fabrique de Notre-Dame-de-l'Espérance
Fabrique Saint-Laurent-Rivières-du-Chêne **
Fabrique St-Jean Baptiste de Nicolet **
Le Sanctuaire de l'être no website
Fabrique de la Paroisse Immaculée-Conception de Saint-Ours **
Christ Church, Sorel-Tracy
paroisse St-Jean Paul II ***

Bellechasse-Les Etchemins-Lévis
MP Blaney, Steven (Hon.), Con.
Corporation du patrimoine et du tourisme religieux de Lévis

MP Dubé, Matthew, NDP
Fabrique de la paroisse St-Hilaire ***
Les missionnaires Oblats de Marie Immaculée **

MP Brosseau, Ruth Ellen< NDP
La Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Laurent
Fabrique de Saint-Cuthbert ***
Féd. Guides Cath. district/diocèse Trois-Rivièresères ***
Fabrique Notre-Dame-de-l'Alliance ***

MP Dubourg, Emmanuel, Lib
Église Primitive de la Foi Chrétienne ***

MP Paradis, Denis, Lib
Résidence du presbytère St-Patrice ***

MP Mendès, Alexandra, Lib.
Mission Nouvelle Génération
Islamic Community Center, brossard
St. Barnabas Anglican Church

MP Paul-Hus, Pierre, Con.
Fabrique Saint-Charles-Borromée **
Fabeique de la paroisse Bon-Pasteur ***

MP Shanahan, Brenda, Lib.
Fabrique de la Paroisse St-Joachim
Fabrique de la paroisse Ste-Philomène ***
La Fabrique de la paroisse de St-Cyprien **
Fabrique de la paroisse Sainte-Martine no website ***

Chicoutimi-Le Fjord
La Fabrique de la paroisse Sainte-Anne
Fabrique de la Paroisse St-François-Xavier
Fabrique de la paroisse Sacré-Coeur de Jésus **
Conseil Pastoral Paroisial Rivière-Éternité ***

MP Bibeau, Marie-Claude, Lib.
One Hope Ministries of Canada (Quebec)
Fabrique de la paroisse Saints-Apôtres ***

MP Dhillon, Anju, Lib.
Jeunesse pour Christ Montreal Inc.
United Church of Canada Lachine

MP Choquette, François, NDP

Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine
MP Lebouthillier, Diane. Lib.
Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec Gaspe
Sanctuaire Diocesan de Pointe Navarre ***
Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Maxime de Mont-Louis no website ***

MP MacKinnon, Steven, Lib.
Fabrique de la paroisse Sainte-Trinité ***
Eglise St Francois de Sales Gatineau ***
Eglise baptiste évangélique Le Sentier

MP Boutin-Sweet, Marjolaine, NDP

MP Rodriguez, Pablo, Lib.
Don Bosco Youth Leadership Centre

MP Fergus, Greg, Lib.
Centre Islamique de l'Outaouais

MP Ste-Marie, Gabriel,  Groupe parlementaire québécois
La Société Saint-Vincent de Paul de Joliette

MP Trudel, Karine, NDP

La Pointe-de-l'Île
MP Beaulieu, Mario, BQ

La Prairie
MP Poissant, Jean-Claude, Lib.
Paroisse La Nativité de la Sainte-Vierge

MP Hébert, Richard, Lib.
Ermitage Saint-Antoine
Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean no website
Fabrique de la paroisse Notre-Dame du Lac-St-Jean

MP Scarpaleggia, Francis, Lib.
L'Eglise Copte Orthodoxe de St-Georges & St-Joseph, Pierrefonds
St Columba-by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church, Pointe Claire
St. Timothy's Anglican Bible Church

MP Lametti, David, Lib
Christian Direction Inc, Montreal

MP  Graham, David de Burgh, Lib
Jeunesse pour Christ Montreal Inc.
"Conférence Marie-Reine-des-Coeurs,
Paroisse St-Sauveur ***
Camp Jardin D'Hannah (Pardas Chanah)
Communaute juive des basses Laurentides no website
centre communautaire juif des laurentides no website

MP Laverdière, Hélène , NDP
Les Petits Frères des pauvres, Montreal
Société de St-Vincent-de-Paul de Montréal
Emmaus Anglican Church

Laval-Les Îles
MP El-Khoury, Fayçal, Lib
Association Islamique des Projets Charitables, Laval
Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Church

MP Gourde, Jacques, Con.
Fabrique Saint-Laurent-Rivières-du-Chêne **
La Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Nicolas-de-Lévis
Fabrique de Sainte-Élisabeth-de-Lotbinière

MP Romanado, Sherry, Lib
Eglise baptiste de la rive-sud, Longueuil
La Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Jean XXIII  ***

MP Nantel, Pierre, NDP
Congrégation des Soeurs des Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie ***
La Paroisse de de Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue **
Eglise baptiste de la rive-sud, Longueuil

MP Lightbound, Joël, Lib
Congr.Catholics Que.speaking English language no website
Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery
La Société Saint-Vincent de Paul de Québec ***
Fabrique/Paroisse St-Félix-de-Cap-Rouge ***

MP Deltell, Gérard, Con.
Fabrique de la Paroisse de Notre-Dame-de-l'Annonciation
Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-Ambroise de la Jeune Lorette

MP Gill, Marilène, BQ
Corporation église Sainte-Amélie...ouverte à la vie
Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec
L'Évêque Catholique Romain de Baie-Comeau ****
Fabrique St-Luc de Forestville  ***
Cimetière catholique de Port-Cartier no website ***
Fabrique Paroisse de Sainte-Anne de Portneuf ***
La Fabrique de la paroisse de Sacré-Coeur ***

MP Gill, Marilène, Lib.
Paroisse Sainte-Rose-De-Lima ***
the180 church

MP Berthold, Luc, Lib.
Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-André-Bessette  **
Fabrique de la Paroisse Sainte-Agnès ***
Fabrique Saint-Joseph-des-Monts ***

MP Marcil, Simon, Groupe parlementaire québécois
Les Petits Frères des pauvres ***
Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-François-d'Assise, OKA ***
La Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-Colomban **

MP Picard, Michel, Lib.
Fabrique de la paroisse de St-Basile-le-Grand

MP Thériault, Luc, Groupe parlementaire québécois
Fabrique de la paroisse Notre-Dame-de-l'Acadie ****

MP Généreux, Bernard, Con.
La Fabrique de St-Louis de Kamouraska
La Fabrique de la Paroisse N-D de Bonsecours **
Fabrique de la Paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Liesse **
La fabrique de Saint Roch des Aulnaies no website **
La Fabrique de la Paroisse de Saint-André ***
Fabrique de St-Jean-Port-Joli ***
Fabrique de St-Pascal ***

Mount Royal
MP Housefather, Anthony, Lib.
Congregation Beth Chabad C.S.L.
B'nai Brith National Organization of Canada
Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel
L'Academie Hebraique Inc.
Hebrew Day School Montreal Inc.
Camp Ilan Inc
The Reconstructionist Synagogue of Montreal
Adath Israel Poale Zedek Anshei Ozeroff Congregation
Centre de la petite enfance des écoles juives populaires et des écoles
no website
Centre Chabad Chai
Shomrim Laboker Beth Yehudah C
Jewish Public Library
Federation CJA
Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors
Centre de la petite enfance du Centre Communautaire Juif no website
Congregation Anshei Yisroel
Chabad etudiants juifs francophones
Centre Chabad de Ville Mont-Royal
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
Life Renewal Charismatic church

MP Garneau, Marc, Lib.
Organisation CHABAD Westmount
Kensington Presbyterian Church, Montreal
Mosquée de Montréal
Congregation Shaar Hashomayim
"Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, Montreal"
Emmaus Anglican Church

Mulcair, Thomas, NDP
Organization Rav Chesed
The Museum of Jewish Montreal - Le Musée du Montréal juif
Young Israel of Montreal
Congregation Belz no website
Armenian Holy Apostolic Church

MP Trudeau, Justin, Lib.
Temple Shri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Montréal
Fabrique de la Paroisse Notre-Dame du Saint-Rosaire

Pierre-Boucher-Les Patriotes-Verchères
MP Barsalou-Duval, Xavier, BQ
Fabrique de la Paroisse Sainte Famille ***
Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Antoine de Padoue ***
La Fabrique de la Paroisse Sainte-Anne

Baylis, Frank, Lib.
Hindu Mandir of Quebec

MP Amos, William, Lib
Gracefield Christian Camp and Conference Centre
Paroisse Sainte-Marie-de-l'Incarnation
Camp des Bouleaux de l'association d'églises baptistes évangéliques au
Paroisse Ste-Cécile
Shawville United Church

MP Godin, Joël, Con.
Fabrique Saint-Joseph de Deschambault no website ***
Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Charles-de-Grondines
Les petits frères des Pauvres ***
Fabrique Bienheureuse Mère-Saint-Louis *** ***
Fabrique paroisse St-Augustin ***
Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Casimir

MP Duclos, Jean-Yves, Lib.
"Centre Ozanam, Soc. st Vincent de"
Jeunesse ouvrière chrétienne Région de Québec
Jeunesse Étudiante Chrétienne nationale ****
Les petits frères des Pauvres ***
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines ***
Chalmers-Wesley United Church
The Cathédrale of the Holy Trinity
Bénévolat St-Sacrement inc. no website

MP Pauzé, Monique, Groupe parlementaire québécois
Fabrique de la Paroisse St-Sulpice ***

MP Rayes, Alain, Con.
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Melbourne, Richmond
Fabrique St-Christophe d'Arthabaska

Rimouski-Neigette-Témiscouata-Les Basques
MP Caron, Guy, NDP
La Fabrique de la paroisse de Saint-Germain ***

MP Lapointe, Linda, Lib.
Paroisse Ste-Marie-du-Lac
La fabrique de la Paroisse St-Eustache ***

MP Fortin, Rhéal, Groupe parlementaire québécois
The Governing Council of The Salvation Army

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie
MP Boulerice, Alexandre, NDP
Trinity United Church, Montreal

MP Sansoucy, Brigitte, NDP
Corporation épiscopale c.r. de Saint-Hyacinthe no website  ***
La Fabrique de la Paroisse de Saint-Marcel

MP Rioux, Jean. Lib.
Fabrique de la paroisse Sainte-Anne de Sabrevois

MP Lambropoulos, Emmanuella, Lib.
Congregation Beth Ora
Christian Direction Inc

MP Di Iorio, Nicola, Lib.

MP Champagne, François-Philippe, Lib.
La Fabrique De la Paroisse de Saint-Laurent-de-la-Moraine no website ***
Paroisse Sainte Marguerite D'Youville ***

MP Quach, Anne Minh-Thu, NDP

MP Breton, Pierre, Lib.
Fabrique Notre-Dame de Granby ***

MP Dusseault, Pierre-Luc, NDP
Les petits frères des Pauvres
Corporation Archiépiscopale C.R. de Sherbrooke

MP Boudrias, Michel, Groupe parlementaire québécois

Thérèse-De Blainville
MP Ayoub, Ramez, Lib.
La fabrique de la paroisse de Sainte-Thérèse d'Avila ***

MP Aubin, Robert, NDP
Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-du-Cap ***
Paroisse Immaculée-Conception ***
Musée des Ursulines de Trois-Rivières inc.Église Pentecôtiste Unie de Trois-Rivières

MP Schiefke, Peter, Lib.
Parish of Vaudreuil
Centre Notre-Dame de Fatima
La Fabrique de la Paroisse Sainte-Jeanne-de-Chantal **
centre culturel islamique de vaudreuil-soulanges
"Fabrique St-Michel, Vaudreuil-Dorion" ***

Ville-Marie-Le Sud-Ouest-Île-des-Soeurs
MP Miller, Marc, Lib.
Comité chrétien pour les droits humains en Amérique latine
Peoples Church of the Associated Gospel Churches
"St-George's Anglican Church, Place du Canada"
Canadian Institute for Jewish Research
Christian Direction Inc
Union United Church

MP Nassif, Eva, Lib.
Association islamique des projets charitables

Saturday, 19 May 2018

New Brunswick Religious Groups That Will Get Canada Summer Jobs Grants

A couple of days ago Michael Coren published an article with the numbers on religious applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs program.

There were a lot and more than half were accepted.

So that kinda puts the lie on media, Church, and Conservative screeching about anti-religion/anti-Christian bias.

Official documents show that of the 2,728 faith-based organizations that applied for summer jobs funding this year, 58 per cent were willing to sign the attestation. Of the 115 Anglican groups that applied, only 10 refused so sign, and only two of the 199 United Church-affiliated organizations refused. Even more startling, none of the 89 Jewish or 130 Muslim groups withheld their support. Which leaves evangelical groups and, of course, Roman Catholics.

Opposition to abortion has become an absolute of conservative Catholic opinion even though, it should be noted, Canadian Catholics in general do not share this view and progressive Catholics have a far more nuanced approach.

Also, there is far more ambiguity in the Catholic response to the program than we have been led to believe. Contrary to what many critics of the policy have claimed, of the 365 Catholic organizations applying for funding, the overwhelming majority signed on, with less than a third (32 per cent) refusing to do so. When we break down those figures, a clear pattern emerges.

In all of Quebec, only nine Catholic groups refused to sign and a massive 108 agreed to the attestation. In Ontario, 63 groups refused to sign, with 32 agreeing to do so, and the vast majority of dissenters, 52, in Toronto.

That's a lot a Catholics.

Coren doesn't mention New Brunswick but there are many Catholic organizations here too. The Knights of Columbus again!

So, here are the New Brunswick religious groups who applied for and will get summer job grants.

The usual reminders on process: I was going by name only, quite literally. All (known) religious groups got tagged. Others that sounded "churchy" got checked. Caps and quotation marks from original document. Where "no website" is noted I could not find a website for that particular group. (Obviously there is a website for "United Church of Canada" but sometimes I couldn't find one specific to that riding.) Where a link is not provided, it is elsewhere in this blogpost. I haven't done the hyperlink thing, because there are too many. Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste.

Asterisks indicate a Catholic organization.

Most of this was compiled by a diligent volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous. And of course thanks to the Data Monster again.

MP Serge Cormier, Lib
Comité de Sauvegarde Église de Bas-Caraquet, ***
St. Lukes Presbyterian Church,
Bathurst Pastoral Charge,
Paroisse Saint-Nom-de-Jésus, ***
Paroisse Saint-Polycarpe, ***
L'Évêque Catholique Romain de Bathurst (X5)
Sanctuaire Ste-Anne-du-Bocage, ***
New Bandon Pastoral Charge,

MP Dominic LeBlanc‎, Lib.
Paroisse Saint Jean Baptiste, ***
Lutes Mountain Church of the Nazarene,
Paroisse Saint-Thomas, ***
Paroisse Ste-Thérèse d'Avila, ****
Paroisse Saint-Ignace-de-Loyala, ***
Islington United Church, Sackville no website
Sackville United Pentecostal Church no website
Immaculate Conception Church, ***
The Roman Catholic Archbishop, Shediac ***
Corporation of the Anglican Parish of Shediac,
Paroisse Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel, ***
Paroisse Sainte-Anne de Kent ***
Paroisse Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur, ***
Paroisse Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, ***
Paroisse Saint-Louis-des-Français, ***
Archeveque Catholique Romain de Moncton ***

MP Matt DeCourcey, Lib.
Wilmot United Church,
St.Paul's United Church,
Pathfinders Christian Fellowship, no website
Forest Hill Pastoral Charge,
United Pentacostal Church of Geary no website

Fundy Royal
MP Alaina Lockhart, Lib.
Hampton Bible Camp,
Rothesay Baptist Church Inc,

MP René Arseneault, Lib.
Paroisse Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, ***
Campbellton Pastoral Charge,
Knox Presbyterian Church,
Campbellton United Pentecostal Church,
Paroisse Saint-François d'Assise, ***
L'Évêque Catholique Romain - Cathédrale Immaculée-Conception ***
L'Evêque Catholique Romain d'Edmundston, ***
Paroisse St.-Jean Marie Vianney de Dundee, ***
Paroisse Ste-Trinité, ***
Paroisse Notre-Dame des Prodiges, ***
Paroisse Saint-Basile, ***
Paroisse du Très Saint-Sacrement, ***
Paroisse Catholique Saint-Joseph ***

‪Miramichi-Grand Lake‬
MP Pat Finegan, Lib
The Roman Catholic Archbishop - Paroisse Immaculee Conception, ***
Paroisse Sainte-Anne, ***
Camp Sheldrake, ***
Saints Peter & Paul Church, ***
Parish of Newcastle/Nelson/Hardwicke,
"Diocese of Saint John, St. Raphael's Parish" ***
Chipman United Church,
Camp Wegesegum Inc.,
"Paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Fatima, Collette",
Knox Presbyterian Church, no website
Évêque Catholique Romain de Bathurst(X2), ***
"Knights Of Columbus, Council 3502", ***
St. Michael's Basilica, ***
Catholic Health Partners Inc., ***
RC Bishop of Saint John St. Mary's Parish ***
New Hope Community Church,
The Salvation Army Community Resource Centre (Miramichi),
Saint James Parish, ***
Paroisse Saint-François-de-Sales, ***
The Roman Catholic Bishop of Saint John,
St. Stephen's United Church,
Paroisse Saint-Joseph ***
St-Peter's Church, ***
Newcastle United Church

MP ‎Ginette Petitpas Taylor‎, Lib
Paroisse Saint-Anselme, ***
Paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, ***
Paroisse Sainte-Thérèse de l'Enfant-Jésus, ***
First Moncton United Baptist Church
Moncton Wesleyan Church
St. Paul's United Church
The Corporation of the Parish of Riverview no website
Religieuses Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur no website ***

New Brunswick Southwest
MP Karen Ludwig, LIb.
Diocesan Synod of Fredericton
Kirk-McColl United Church
Oak Hill Christian Centre Inc.
Roman Catholic Bishop of Saint John ***
Sandy Cove Bible Camp
St. Augustine's Parish ***
St. Stephen's Association for Christian Education
St. Stephen's University

Saint John-Rothesay
MP Wayne Long, Lib
Corporation of the Anglican Parish of Lancaster
Saint John Jewish Historical Society Inc.
St. David's United Church
St. Mark's United Church
The Corporation of the Anglican Parish of Saint John
Sisters of Charity I.C. Ruth Ross Residence **

MP T. J. Harvey, Lib
Carleton-Victoria United Pentecostal Children's Camp,
Calvary Tabernacle Inc,
Nashwaak Valley Pentecostal Church Inc,
Calvary United Pentecostal Church (Woodstock) Inc.

All errors are mine. If I've asterisked as Catholic a group that is not, let me know in the comments and I'll fix it.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Nova Scotia Religious Groups That Will Get Canada Summer Jobs Grants

Here are the religious groups in Nova Scotia that did not succumb to the spin and bad-faith arguments on the Canada Summer Jobs attestation or "abortion clause."

I point out again that the attestation could as well be called the "sexuality/gender/gender identification clause" but why bother? The media and the "faith community" (meaning mostly the Catholic Church) chose to see it purely as ABORTION!!!!!

In fact, there are more Catholic groups in this lot that didn't get the memo, including the Knights of Columbus.

The usual reminders on process: I was going by name only, quite literally. All (known) religious groups got tagged. Others that sounded "churchy" got checked. Caps and quotation marks from original document. Where "no website" is noted I could not find a website for that particular group. (Obviously there is a website for "United Church of Canada" but sometimes I couldn't find one specific to that riding.) Where a link is not provided, it is elsewhere in this blogpost. I haven't done the hyperlink thing, because there are too many. Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste.

Asterisks indicate a Catholic organization.

Mega thanks again to the Data Monster.

Cape Breton - Canso
MP Rodger Cuzner, Lib.
Catholic Cemetery Company no website
Catholic Episcopal Corporation
Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish
Episcopal Corporation of Diocese of Antigonish same as above
Holy Guardian Angels Parish
Saint Joseph's Parish ***
St. Anne's/St. John's Cemetery
St. Matthew's United Church, Inverness
St. Michael's Parish ***
St. Peter's Parish
St. Stephen's-Jubilee United Church
United Protestant Church of Sydney River

Central Nova
MP Sean Fraser, Lib.
Camp Geddie - Synod of the Atlantic Provinces of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
Lower Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge
Pictou United Church
Sheet Harbour United Church Pastoral Charge
The Salvation Army
Trenton Church of the Nazarene

MP Bill Casey, Lib
Atlantic Christian Training Centre
The Salvation Army in Canada

Dartmouth-Cole Harbour
MP Darren Fisher, Lib.
Corporation of Christ Church
Stevens Road United Baptist Church

MP Alaina Lockhart, Lib.
"Congregation of the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax"
The Salvation Army
Halifax Dartmouth Church of Christ
Hope United Church
Maritime Muslim Academy
Parish of St. George
Saint George's YouthNet Society
The Atlantic Jewish Council
Wardens St. Paul's Anglican Church
Mission to Seafarers Halifax

Halifax West
MP Geoff Regan, Lib.
Bayers Road United Baptist Church can't connect to website
Bedford Baptist Church
Beechville Baptist Church
Grace Chapel
Mosaic Church Halifax
One Church
Parish of All Saints Church
Timberlea United Baptist Church

Kings-Hants none
MP Scott Brison, Lib.

MP Darrell Samson, Lib
"Knox United Church, Lower Sackville, NS"
Beacon House Inter Faith Society
Good Shepherd Church Lawrencetown
Lake Echo Fellowship Baptist Church
Vineyard Christian Fellowship

South Shore-St. Margarets
MP Bernadette Jordan, Lib.
AEnon Baptist Church
Atlantic Jewish Council
Bridgewater Day Care Centre of the Bridgewater United Church
Central United Church Lunenburg
Milton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Saint Margaret's Anglican Church
Summerville Christian Church
The Three Churches Foundation
Western Nova Scotia Camp Council - United Church of Canada no website
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Lutheran Camp Mush-A-Mush Society

MP Mark Eyking, Lib
Catholic Episcopal Corp. no website
Holy Cross Cemetery Care Committee
Inner City Churches Loaves and Fishes Society
Knights of Columbus ****
Parish of Saint Leonard
St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Neil's Harbour no website
The Salvation Army

West Nova
MP Colin Fraser, Lib.
Anglican Parish of Clements
Beacon United Church
Congregational Church of Chebogue Preservation Society no website
Corporation of Trinity Anglican Church
Immaculate Conception Parish Episcopal Corp.
Paroisse St-Pierre Epis. Corp. of Yarmouth ****
Restoration Committee for the Argyle Historic Church no website
Weymouth Church of Christ
Old Holy Trinity Charitable Trust

And in a tiny bit of good news, some media outlets have acknowledged -- albeit at the end of otherwise shrieeeeeky articles -- that indeed religious groups have applied and been funded.

The Employment and Social Development Canada website shows hundreds of churches among the employers who were approved for funding this year, along with faith-based camps.