Thursday, 3 December 2020

Dementors: the ongoing horror of Fraud Nation's political theatre.

Watch this 12-seconds clip. Christine Elliott, Minister for Lies, Disease and Death in the Fraud Nation government has absorbed, virtually and literally, the most vile obfuscation techniques that Kellyanne Conway deployed as Trump's mouthpiece at the White House.

Elliott nails the worm tongue wording that flows out of KaC's cloaca like snakes and centipedes, but needs more voice coaching. Though spewing McKinsey's boilerplate propaganda points, she sounds like a screechy crank, unable to parrot Kellyanne's silky smooth and poisonously dulcet tones. 


Juxtapose with spundit KaC, plying her meretricious trade.

In case you've just stumbled onto this blogpost, go read VERMIN wherein Elliott's chosen *expertise* for managing the pandemic -- McKinsey -- is exposed as malevolent, then Dementors, where her own particular brand of political perfidy is laid out. 

From the viewpoint of Ontario's frontline healthcare professionals and essential workers, Covid19 carnage is real. 

It is NOT *only* Grand Guignol depravity staged by Premier Drug Lord and his murderous ministers, for the titillation of Toronto Sun readers and their Con followers.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Greedy, corrupt, histrionic, fraudulent, conniving liars.

That is the Ford Family, of course whose members claim to be _The Kennedys of Canada_ but are actually and truly Ontario's Trumps. 

Here's a chart from CTV to help sort out all the players, including some of the more public faces.

Fernhill and I have written quite a bit about these crassly venal circus clowns at DJ! 

Teams of journalists have not only investigated the Fords' dubious activities but published such accounts widely.

A mind-boggling range of media and publications have covered this clan of faux-riche Etobicoke white trash in the last decades, from Frank Magazine to The Atlantic.

Landmarks!!! A tour guide to the stoopid.

There are surely hugely unlawful endeavours the Fords have facilitated which I hope journalists will soon expose, after lawyers have ensured all confidential sources requesting anonymity are legally credible. I suspect it involves international crime networks, real estate, gambling and $$$ laundering.

The Ford gals are a mixed bag of wacko: Kayla, Ky-Ky and Krista. Each one tries to monetize her family connections. But only *Ivankayla* dipped into the dark side where ignorant antivaxxers lurk. Such grifting involves celebrity super-spreading of fallacious propaganda about Covid19 and monetizing their followers' gullibility for profit, as that vile dickhead ChrisSky does.

Speaking of malignant narcissists, Premier Drug Lord continues to flaunt his meretricious incompetence, through the ravages and mass carnage his Fraud Nation government inflicts every day.

One last question..

Did Renata (Rob's widow) Ford's civil suit and her claims ever get resolved in court? Oh.. it seems not.

Monday, 30 November 2020


Christine Elliott was once a respected and highly regarded public servant, appointed to this position by the Liberals in 2015. 

“Christine Elliott’s advocacy for vulnerable people, extensive knowledge of the health care system, and commitment to the betterment of this province make her the perfect choice for Ontario’s first patient ombudsman,” Hoskins said in a statement.

“I am delighted that she agreed to put her name forward for this critical role as we work to put patients first by improving both the quality of our health care system and the patient experience,” he said.

After Ford was declared winner of the Ontario PC leadership race in 2018, Elliott identified numerous procedural irregularities that she demanded be investigated. She ultimately dropped her complaint. Was she or her family threatened with harm, by someone in Premier Drug Lord's criminal entourage? Possibly but more likely, Elliott leveraged her claim that his win was illegal. Her need for power and money allowed her to embrace the Fraud Nation's "Open for Business" imperative that ensures Ontario's public resources are fully exploited and sucked dry by foreign corporations. 

Here's a quote from a
2017 interview with Kellyanne Conway that I find evocative.  
When asked why she accepted her White House job as counsel to Trump she said: “It wasn’t an easy decision” to take the job, Conway told me. “I was staring at a goldmine and I really had to avert my eyes."

Reminder that Elliott has set the stage for savage, no-rules privatization of public healthcare in Ontario. 

In recent public appearances, Elliott and Conway appear to have morphed into pastel-robed Dementors (inhumane creatures who extract life from people) whilst Premier Drug Lord's gargantuan appetites transform him into the demonic spawn of Godzilla and Pillsbury Dough Boy, spewing self-serving glurge and prevarication. 

Death and destruction are profitable for those who lodge at the top of the capitalism pyramid.

Saturday, 28 November 2020


Nothing that's been exposed by the MSM so far about Premier Drug Lord's squalid, corrupt pandemic malfeasance comes as a shock.

Everything that is known about Ford, his crime profiteering past and present in the public realm, as well as in the shadows -- points to a familial, connected network and political reign, rife with prevarication, grift, venality and quid pro quo.

Nothing illustrates this better than his Fraud Nation government hiring McKinsey to do its dirty work.

Facts about the consultants started tumbling out.

Ontarians respond to public money being pissed away down the grifters' abyss, aka Doug's gravy train.

What the hell is McKinsey? Oh. This explains why it is intrinsically anti-union, and how its brand supports union-smashing.

These guys who claim they only accept contracts congruent with their values. Okay then.

McKinsey's wet work. Its global record is quite horrifying, yet characteristic of private sector courtiers who enable and facilitate rapacious, predatory capitalism in the name of neoliberalism.

"To those convinced that a secretive cabal controls the world, the usual suspects are Illuminati, Lizard People, or “globalists.” They are wrong, naturally. There is no secret society shaping every major decision and determining the direction of human history. There is, however, McKinsey & Company.

The biggest, oldest, most influential, and most prestigious of the “Big Three” management consulting firms, McKinsey has played an outsized role in creating the world we occupy today."

Consulting firms are the true beneficiaries of the spurious *trickle-down effect* by scoring multi-million $$$ contracts -- with corporations that harvest billion$, to help them extract more billion$ -- or with murderous political regimes.

Recently.. McKinsey did not face criminal charges alongside Purdue executives for aiding and abetting this extremely profitable mass carnage. Did it turn in state evidence to avoid prosecution?

Ma$$ carnage. Just culling the human herd for fun and profit$.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

How many more Ontarians will Fraud Nation's CONjob malfeasance kill?

Premier Drug Lord and his Minister for Disease and Death, Christine Elliott are guilty. Hundreds of Ontarians died and many more are chronically ill and physically impaired. Fraud Nation government's crass and venal incompetence in handling the public health challenges of the Covid19 pandemic is clearly exposed.

Yesterday I wrote this about Dr Williams, Ford's Chief Bullshitter for Public Health.


There's more, much more.

Here are trenchant highlights from the Auditor General's report. It SLAMS Fraud Nation's mismanagement which veers into criminal negligence and malfeasance. Oh, and about those much-touted Covid19 *command tables*..

Where are the BILLION$$$ the federal government gave Ford, Elliott and Lecce for the purpose of containing the pandemic with judicious, scientifically recommended ressources, and keeping healthcare professionals, essential / frontline workers + ALL Ontarians safe and healthy? The AG couldn't find evidence of that money being used efficiently. 

Are Doug's donor buddies, criminal cronies and Republican associates riding Fraud Nation's gravy train entitled to get $$$ that was intended to be used to benefit ordinary Ontarians?

Some last observations regarding Fraud Nation's deliberate and malevolent damage to the public good, to the detriment of we, the 99% who are not wealthy and powerful.

Make Williams apologize for his disastrous Covid19 response and remove him from public health.

In August 2020 the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario DEMANDED David Williams' resignation, and an apology for his fallacious and unscientific claims about front line health care workers. He stayed, praised by Premier Drug Lord and Dementor Christine Elliott, minister for the facilitation of Disease and Death.

From here
Williams [..] said that public health investigations often find that when health-care workers contract COVID-19, they contracted it in the community. He then offered examples of people becoming “casual” in their personal life, by not wearing a mask, socially distancing, or travelling to areas with higher rates of the virus.

Grinspun said the response made her “furious” because health-care workers lost their lives — 10, so far eight of them personal support workers in the long-term care system — and thousands of others have become ill.

She said the evidence shows Williams' assertion is "absurd," particularly when the it shows health-care workers have acquired COVID-19 at a rate at least three to six times higher than the general population. She also noted the families of some of the personal support workers who died told the media that their loved one didn't have access to proper personal protective equipment at work — and Grinspun lays the blame for the lack of PPE in the long-term care system early in the pandemic at Williams' feet.

She cited a litany of mistakes the province made with the long-term care sector — including not having universal masking in long-term care and failing to do surveillance testing early in the pandemic — as reasons more than 1,800 residents died and Williams should resign.

Grinspun went on to criticize his “wishy-washy” guidance on the reopening of schools and questioned why he had the “gall” to blame health-care workers for contracting COVID-19 when he had been asked about the safety of teachers.

“Is this because now he wants to say if a teacher contracts a virus, it's their fault too?" she said. "It's very upsetting — very, very, very upsetting and inappropriate and not characteristic of a person that should be playing a leadership role. It's the opposite of a person that should be playing a leadership role, blaming those that gave their life, or contracted the disease and put their families and themselves at risk.” 

On November 23, Fraud Nation government extended his contract.

“I don’t think he’s useless,” said one highly respected member of the medical community, who requested anonymity because of connections to the provincial response. “He’s dangerous. He’s dangerous because he can’t communicate, and he doesn’t advocate for sound public health measures. If you flipped a coin you’d get it right more often than David.”

IMHO, Doug appointed Dave Chief Medical Officer of Health and keeps him around because the latter is a CONjob incompetent like him. Williams' annual salary is $413,776

Consider how much PPE that amount could have purchased, and how many lives would have been saved had the $$$ been used thus, instead of paying this lazy, uninformed, incompetent prevaricator.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

okay BOOMERang..

This is horrifically EPIC though I may be understating the scope of this MASSIVE Con job exercise in predatory capitalism. 

First, Linda McQuaig states the facts and sets the context: 
"..regardless of what industry spokespeople say, a private company in the nursing home business is focused on maximizing profits, as its board of directors demands.

And it will typically do this by scrimping on staff costs — hiring fewer workers and paying them rock-bottom wages with no benefits. This generally results in high turnover and worse conditions for the residents, as well as the workers.

Certainly, Ontario’s three big private nursing home chains, which receive government funding under the same formula as not-for-profit homes, have been good at maximizing profits.

Over the past decade, the three chains paid out $1.5 billion in dividends to shareholders and $138 million in executive pay.." 

I have seen the lack of resources and actual avariciously-geared services: shoddy cleaning, food preparation and meals, support for personal hygiene, space allocation -- some residents are literally stacked 3 to a room -- in private long term care residences. 

Next, a startling yet not unexpected disclosure, given how pension funds are managed.

Add to the cauldron The Great Barrington Declaration. Wait, perhaps the latter *is* the cauldron or more likely, the crucible — an instrument routinely used by savage profiteers or scammers along with a strategically-purposed alembic for transforming base materials into gold or a reasonable enough facsimile thereof that it might spark a stock market buying frenzy.

The death of millions of boomers and of members of the generation born before 1945 would materially free up Billion$ currently disbursed as pension benefits. Economists employed by the 1% wealthy are salivating at the thought of assets, including valuable real estate, being liquidated and harvested to their clients' benefit. Prosperity gospel reigns, right!?

Culling the herd under the guise of advocating for herd immunity presents considerably profitable, windfall opportunities. Another triumph for the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) and its rightwing extremist funders and associates. Cleaves perfectly to the rules of Disaster Capitalism as Naomi Klein periodically reminds us. A critique with regard to the sacrifice of the elderly, the poor and the precariously employed being happenstance sacrificed to a crass economic imperative. More hereand here.

And who can forget how that venal, opportunistic, self-righteous Trump shill R. R. Reno blathered on about the economic imperative for older and feeble folks to take one for the team, early in the pandemic? Such contemptible pseudo-moral and theological doctrine he deployed in support of his basic yet cleverly cloaked argument: Greed is Go(o)d

Blither on, ye disciples of Mammon! What comes around, goes around.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Deux poids, deux mesures

Some who followed my Twitter _deBeauxOs1_ account may have noticed my prolonged, unsolicited absence from that social media platform.

Yes, kittens. My account was suspended and Twitter has provided no answers to my questions, no grounds for justification to my appeals. It may be restored. But no worry, if you miss my daily injection of bons mots, droll thoughts and vivid excoriation of venal CONjob politicians — do check in here, at DJ!

Sanitary Panels is a political cartoonist who neatly captures the double standard that Facebook and Twitter apply to complaints with regard to content providers who allegedly flout their sacrosanct _Terms of Service_.

Or, as ASaintL and others put it:

Indeed. Why is that?

Infuriating, but I'm not the only person punished according to Zuckerberg's and Jack's pro-Toxic Masculinity and gynophobic, double standards.

Thursday, 19 November 2020


Here at DAMMIT JANET! we use two distinctive modes of expression. We ridicule the venal, the greedy, the corrupt and the hypocritical -- our targets are mostly ideological extremism in religion and politics. To that effect, we use humour and hyperbole, viz. _The Incarnating Game_.

Or we approach a topic with rigour, reason and the research it requires, e.g. Fernhill's series on the indirect public funding of anti-choice groups and thus, the awarding of taxpayers' $$$ to groups fundamentally opposed to women's reproductive rights, engraved in Canadian jurisprudence.

We try to navigate this fine line carefully and usually signal to our readers which mode we are deploying. 

Not everyone holds themselves to such standards.

Obtuse self-indulgent mansplainers lack a sense of irony and self-awareness that might alert them to such faux-pas. 

Thus Hugo Vickers blathers and blithers, clucks and scolds -- his reaction to the manner in which the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Thatcher is portrayed in _The Crown_. His remarks are laden with the very hyperbolic fervour which he denounces.

“That's what's so disgraceful, because people always believe it's true, because The Crown is very well put together," said Vickers. "It's lavishly produced. It's beautifully acted. It's a well-written script. So, of course, you can't just dismiss it as tabloid rubbish.”

“People will now go around believing that the Queen hated Margaret Thatcher and wanted the world to know this, which is absolutely untrue.”
One expects a work of fiction to hyper-dramatize some historical facts and even heighten them with hyper-realistic depiction. One hopes that an historian might keep a grip on reality, avoid self-projection and not describe a work of entertainment in histrionic, florid and untruthful terms, alas.

Viewers who watched that episode might have a different take than the one espoused by the testerical Vickers as he virtually and verbally trips on the flowers woven into the Turkish rugs of Buckingham Palace.