Saturday, 28 November 2020


Nothing that's been exposed by the MSM so far about Premier Drug Lord's squalid, corrupt pandemic malfeasance comes as a shock.

Everything that is known about Ford, his crime profiteering past and present in the public realm, as well as in the shadows -- points to a familial, connected network and political reign, rife with prevarication, grift, venality and quid pro quo.

Nothing illustrates this better than his Fraud Nation government hiring McKinsey to do its dirty work.

Facts about the consultants started tumbling out.

Ontarians respond to public money being pissed away down the grifters' abyss, aka Doug's gravy train.

What the hell is McKinsey? Oh. This explains why it is intrinsically anti-union, and how its brand supports union-smashing.

These guys who claim they only accept contracts congruent with their values. Okay then.

McKinsey's wet work. Its global record is quite horrifying, yet characteristic of private sector courtiers who enable and facilitate rapacious, predatory capitalism in the name of neoliberalism.

"To those convinced that a secretive cabal controls the world, the usual suspects are Illuminati, Lizard People, or “globalists.” They are wrong, naturally. There is no secret society shaping every major decision and determining the direction of human history. There is, however, McKinsey & Company.

The biggest, oldest, most influential, and most prestigious of the “Big Three” management consulting firms, McKinsey has played an outsized role in creating the world we occupy today."

Consulting firms are the true beneficiaries of the spurious *trickle-down effect* by scoring multi-million $$$ contracts -- with corporations that harvest billion$, to help them extract more billion$ -- or with murderous political regimes.

Recently.. McKinsey did not face criminal charges alongside Purdue executives for aiding and abetting this extremely profitable mass carnage. Did it turn in state evidence to avoid prosecution?

Ma$$ carnage. Just culling the human herd for fun and profit$.

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Anonymous said...

Kenney also gave the same firm McKinsey&Co $3.7M to bring their free market solutions to eviscerate post-secondary education in Alberta and then a $2.6M one month contract in April to presumably do the same to Alberta Health. Maybe it's a B1G1 thing with Ford & Kenney.

~Alison Creekside

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