Friday 30 November 2007

Sens still suck, but their fans are pretty nice

We at Birth Pangs felt that deluded loyal Senators fans should be alerted to the shocking situation that we reported here. We got out the pancake make-up to cover up the Maple Leaf logo tattooed on our forehead and infiltrated the enemy camp.

We had initially added to an existing thread (the link is in the first post) on the 'Better Halves'. A couple of fans took exception to the 'Sens suck' in the title, but some seemed prepared to discuss the matter. One person though asked us to start another thread since the topic of the Sens' support for a fetus fetishizing organization was distracting from the important subject of the upcoming marriage of some player or other. So as a polite noob, we did.

In the discussion there, you'll see that some didn't care that the Sens are lending support and recognition to a fetus fetishizing gang. Others said that as long as the fetus fetishizers weren't actually bombing abortion clinics, it was OK with them too.

It did seem to bother some of them, bless 'em.

We wait on further developments and will report.

UnrepentantOldHippie weighs in, in her inimitable fashion. And she has an email address for the Sens. Which I could not get to work. :rant:

Beijing York in the comments here brings us the news that Heather Mallick is on the case. And guess what. She finds that First Place Pregnancy Centre is not only, um, economical with the truth to its clients, but also to its supporters. FPPC apparently told the Senators Foundation that it is a registered charity. Well, Heather checked and it is not.

(First published at Birth Pangs.)

Wednesday 28 November 2007

Not only do Sens suck, their 'Better Halves' support fetus fetishists

Sports is usually outside the purview of Birth Pangs. But this litle item caught our attention.

The Ottawa Senators' Better Halves are holding a fundraising Tree Raffle.

Tickets will be on sale at home games on Nov. 29, Dec. 1, Dec 15 and Dec. 22. All funds raised through the sale of tickets will be matched by the Sens Foundation and directed to the following charities: First Place Pregnancy Centre, Kids Help Phone Ottawa and Harmony House.

So, what are these charities? Harmony House is a women's shelter. OK. Kids Help Phone, as its name might suggest, offers help to kids in various kinds of distress. Fine. And
First Place Pregnancy Centre is a
Crisis Pregnancy Centre.


Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), also known as pregnancy resource centers, are non-profit organizations established by pro-life supporters that work to persuade pregnant women to give birth rather than have abortions, with a focus on women facing unplanned or "crisis" pregnancies. CPCs may advise women regarding parenting and adoption. Some CPCs provide non-medical supportive services to pregnant and parenting women. Most CPCs do not provide medical care.

CPCs are typically supported and staffed by pro-life Christians. Individual CPCs are usually affiliated with a larger pro-life Christian CPC organization, or with a specific Christian church. Some CPCs operate as parachurch organizations. Most are in the United States.

And, it seems, Canada too.

We at Birth Pangs are not the only ones with a teensy problem with this.

A news release from Planned Parenthood Ottawa says:

One of the organizations set to benefit from the money raised is the First Place Pregnancy Centre, an organization in Ottawa that claims to “want you to be empowered to make your choice”, but which will not provide women facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy with referrals to abortion services. As a pro-choice organization, Planned Parenthood Ottawa is concerned that generous Senators fans contributing to this fundraising campaign may do so without knowing that a portion of their donations is going to support an anti-choice organization.

So, wittingly or not, the 'Better Halves' (*snerk*) are supporting fetus fetishists.

Generous Sens fans (*snerk*) take note.

(First published at Birth Pangs.)