Friday 8 January 2021

JUXTAPOSE!!! Two wankers.

Not Kay and Steyn again.

The first one is a Q@non *celebrity* of sorts.

The second one is a p0rn performer. His Twitter account provides a link to his _OnlyFans_ website.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Difficult to tell if @Illuxx1 created a clever parody or simply exploits Jake Angeli's notoriety and current visibility to market his p0rn videos.

U. S. A.

Where one of those two dudes could possibly be a Republican candidate for public office some day...

Perhaps Kay Fils or Mark Steyn could opine about the anti-semitic tattoos on display versus the actual wanking: which one is the greater obscenity?

Another member of the corporate old white boys' club flaunts his privilege.

Kay Fils is a venal and meretricious stenographer: an eager and willing corporate MSM lackey, servicing the interests of the 1% wealthy. 

DAMMIT JANET! has been massively critical of JK's turgid scribbling for over a decade.


I do understand why Kay chooses financial fealty. Though I am also a member of a maligned tribe, which in my case is the impoverished working class, my choices and my political allegiances are different. I don't own a splendid investment portfolio that allows me to hobnob with ruling class chuds like Ken Whyte and to acquire the veneer of privilege that Jon enjoys. This entitles him, he believes, to regurgitate the corporate doctrine with opinionated authority. It suits his intellectual laziness and inherent dishonesty -- no need to rebut any of the actual facts that JK abhors.

"But while it’s sad that such a scene would unfold in a country that many Canadians once looked up to as a democratic beacon, the idea that it has any relevance to Canadian political culture — or that it signals some sort of inveterate malignancy among “white people,” as the Star would have us believe — is nonsense. [..] If right-wing populism really were going to metastasize northward in a meaningful way, it would have happened by now. But it hasn’t."

Kay Fils and his ideological soulmate the egregious Mark Steyn service the needs of their MSM overlords by negating all valid criticism of systemic white privilege and its manifestations. One might view their dumbed-down, disingenuous whataboutism as _Fascism for Dummies_.

Steyn and Kay are the new Ettore Ovazza. To paraphrase Mark's pithy remark on violence, in the context of how he defends and justifies the Capitol Riots: "Must be convenient to have a [corporate] code that obliges all your pathologies."

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Member of the corporate old white boys' club flaunts his privilege.

Or maybe Dr Tom Stewart is hoping his inexcusable yet regrettable malfeasance -- because he was caught and the MSM published it -- will ensure Premier Drug Lord will appoint him to Dr Williams job, in the same way that ex-premier Mike Heinous was awarded the Order of Ontario?

By the way, this isn't the first time this corrupt creep makes the news.
“We regret this unfortunate situation,” Mount Sinai president Joseph Mapa said in a statement to the Star on Wednesday. He sent an internal note to hospital colleagues saying it was with a “heavy heart” he accepted Dr. Tom Stewart’s resignation as physician-in-chief and director of the medical/surgical intensive care unit.

It was shortly thereafter that Stewart skipped town and got a soft landing in Hamilton.

He's cut from the same corporate corruption as *Dr* Merrilee Fullerton and Christine Elliott. Clearly these greedy supporters of privatized healthcare think the Hippocrates pledge is just an old Greek thingy that's no longer relevant.

If the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario still upholds rigorous professional standards for its members, it's worth filing a complaint about both of these charlatans. This is the email address: -- their malfeasance has been reported, it is now their colleagues' and the public's duty to insist that CPSO enforce the relevant disciplinary measures.

UPDATE: Well, well. Our blogger colleague Alison at Creekside draws our attention to this latest development: Twitter thread and discussion here. I expect the usual *anti-political-correctness* rightwing chuds like Kay Fils will shriek something something about _Cancel Culture_.


If only voters and taxpayers could fire corrupt, malfeasant politicians like Ford, Elliott and Fullerton just as efficiently..