Friday 8 January 2021

Another member of the corporate old white boys' club flaunts his privilege.

Kay Fils is a venal and meretricious stenographer: an eager and willing corporate MSM lackey, servicing the interests of the 1% wealthy. 

DAMMIT JANET! has been massively critical of JK's turgid scribbling for over a decade.


I do understand why Kay chooses financial fealty. Though I am also a member of a maligned tribe, which in my case is the impoverished working class, my choices and my political allegiances are different. I don't own a splendid investment portfolio that allows me to hobnob with ruling class chuds like Ken Whyte and to acquire the veneer of privilege that Jon enjoys. This entitles him, he believes, to regurgitate the corporate doctrine with opinionated authority. It suits his intellectual laziness and inherent dishonesty -- no need to rebut any of the actual facts that JK abhors.

"But while it’s sad that such a scene would unfold in a country that many Canadians once looked up to as a democratic beacon, the idea that it has any relevance to Canadian political culture — or that it signals some sort of inveterate malignancy among “white people,” as the Star would have us believe — is nonsense. [..] If right-wing populism really were going to metastasize northward in a meaningful way, it would have happened by now. But it hasn’t."

Kay Fils and his ideological soulmate the egregious Mark Steyn service the needs of their MSM overlords by negating all valid criticism of systemic white privilege and its manifestations. One might view their dumbed-down, disingenuous whataboutism as _Fascism for Dummies_.

Steyn and Kay are the new Ettore Ovazza. To paraphrase Mark's pithy remark on violence, in the context of how he defends and justifies the Capitol Riots: "Must be convenient to have a [corporate] code that obliges all your pathologies."


Anonymous said...

“If right-wing populism really were going to metastasize northward in a meaningful way, it would have happened by now.”

The difference between these guys and Tucker Carlson is one of degree. Kay posits honourable intentions in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary, encouraging us all to see their cause, a violent attempt to subvert the outcome of a free and fair election, as noble and justified. Screw that. There were no innocents in that mob.
—A. St-Laurent

p.s. Best wishes for the new year.

deBeauxOs said...

Perfect gif! Mes meilleurs voeux. Much kindness and patience, given and received.

And only contempt to heap upon Carlson, Kay and Steyn. They're vultures who gorge themselves on carrion.

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