Saturday 8 September 2018

Anti-Choice in Our Schools

New school year, new challenges and questions. For parents and students alike.

In Ontario, the Fraud government is trying to axe the "new" sex ed curriculum and is running into more trouble than it expected.

In Calgary, the school board has severed ties with a fake clinic that taught sex ed in PUBLIC schools.

A couple of other school boards in Alberta have done the same. @ABProchoice tweeted a thread of other anti-choice organizations that offer sex ed. I used Threadreader (very easy, even for TechnoDork) to compile the info more permanently.

The information comes from Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada's study of Fake Clinics' (aka Crisis Pregnancy Centres) websites updated. (The study was in 2016.)

I plan to get to work on compiling similar info for the rest of Canada, but if any reader knows of anti-choice groups teaching sex ed in a public school board or school, please let us know.