Wednesday, 25 November 2020

How many more Ontarians will Fraud Nation's CONjob malfeasance kill?

Premier Drug Lord and his Minister for Disease and Death, Christine Elliott are guilty. Hundreds of Ontarians died and many more are chronically ill and physically impaired. Fraud Nation government's crass and venal incompetence in handling the public health challenges of the Covid19 pandemic is clearly exposed.

Yesterday I wrote this about Dr Williams, Ford's Chief Bullshitter for Public Health.


There's more, much more.

Here are trenchant highlights from the Auditor General's report. It SLAMS Fraud Nation's mismanagement which veers into criminal negligence and malfeasance. Oh, and about those much-touted Covid19 *command tables*..

Where are the BILLION$$$ the federal government gave Ford, Elliott and Lecce for the purpose of containing the pandemic with judicious, scientifically recommended ressources, and keeping healthcare professionals, essential / frontline workers + ALL Ontarians safe and healthy? The AG couldn't find evidence of that money being used efficiently. 

Are Doug's donor buddies, criminal cronies and Republican associates riding Fraud Nation's gravy train entitled to get $$$ that was intended to be used to benefit ordinary Ontarians?

Some last observations regarding Fraud Nation's deliberate and malevolent damage to the public good, to the detriment of we, the 99% who are not wealthy and powerful.

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