Monday 30 November 2020


Christine Elliott was once a respected and highly regarded public servant, appointed to this position by the Liberals in 2015. 

“Christine Elliott’s advocacy for vulnerable people, extensive knowledge of the health care system, and commitment to the betterment of this province make her the perfect choice for Ontario’s first patient ombudsman,” Hoskins said in a statement.

“I am delighted that she agreed to put her name forward for this critical role as we work to put patients first by improving both the quality of our health care system and the patient experience,” he said.

After Ford was declared winner of the Ontario PC leadership race in 2018, Elliott identified numerous procedural irregularities that she demanded be investigated. She ultimately dropped her complaint. Was she or her family threatened with harm, by someone in Premier Drug Lord's criminal entourage? Possibly but more likely, Elliott leveraged her claim that his win was illegal. Her need for power and money allowed her to embrace the Fraud Nation's "Open for Business" imperative that ensures Ontario's public resources are fully exploited and sucked dry by foreign corporations. 

Here's a quote from a
2017 interview with Kellyanne Conway that I find evocative.  
When asked why she accepted her White House job as counsel to Trump she said: “It wasn’t an easy decision” to take the job, Conway told me. “I was staring at a goldmine and I really had to avert my eyes."

Reminder that Elliott has set the stage for savage, no-rules privatization of public healthcare in Ontario. 

In recent public appearances, Elliott and Conway appear to have morphed into pastel-robed Dementors (inhumane creatures who extract life from people) whilst Premier Drug Lord's gargantuan appetites transform him into the demonic spawn of Godzilla and Pillsbury Dough Boy, spewing self-serving glurge and prevarication. 

Death and destruction are profitable for those who lodge at the top of the capitalism pyramid.

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zoombats said...

I only really remember her for her spousal team work with her asshole husband, may he rest in peace. There was questionable property holdings and a horrible track record for her husband under the the Harris regime. I am still reeling from her parachuting into Aurora Newmarket riding having always resided in Whitby or Ajax.I might add that Aurora Newmarket gave us great characters flip flops like Belinda Stronach and Leona Alesleve (appologies for spelling). I don't see anything to be surprised about really

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