Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Greedy, corrupt, histrionic, fraudulent, conniving liars.

That is the Ford Family, of course whose members claim to be _The Kennedys of Canada_ but are actually and truly Ontario's Trumps. 

Here's a chart from CTV to help sort out all the players, including some of the more public faces.

Fernhill and I have written quite a bit about these crassly venal circus clowns at DJ! 

Teams of journalists have not only investigated the Fords' dubious activities but published such accounts widely.

A mind-boggling range of media and publications have covered this clan of faux-riche Etobicoke white trash in the last decades, from Frank Magazine to The Atlantic.

Landmarks!!! A tour guide to the stoopid.

There are surely hugely unlawful endeavours the Fords have facilitated which I hope journalists will soon expose, after lawyers have ensured all confidential sources requesting anonymity are legally credible. I suspect it involves international crime networks, real estate, gambling and $$$ laundering.

The Ford gals are a mixed bag of wacko: Kayla, Ky-Ky and Krista. Each one tries to monetize her family connections. But only *Ivankayla* dipped into the dark side where ignorant antivaxxers lurk. Such grifting involves celebrity super-spreading of fallacious propaganda about Covid19 and monetizing their followers' gullibility for profit, as that vile dickhead ChrisSky does.

Speaking of malignant narcissists, Premier Drug Lord continues to flaunt his meretricious incompetence, through the ravages and mass carnage his Fraud Nation government inflicts every day.

One last question..

Did Renata (Rob's widow) Ford's civil suit and her claims ever get resolved in court? Oh.. it seems not.

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Pseudz said...

As with many of the offerings from frank magazine, after an article about the Frodz, I want to wash my hands with carbolic. This gang is not why our species came down from the trees. Opposable thumbs in their ethical bums.

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