Thursday, 3 December 2020

Dementors: the ongoing horror of Fraud Nation's political theatre.

Watch this 12-seconds clip. Christine Elliott, Minister for Lies, Disease and Death in the Fraud Nation government has absorbed, virtually and literally, the most vile obfuscation techniques that Kellyanne Conway deployed as Trump's mouthpiece at the White House.

Elliott nails the worm tongue wording that flows out of KaC's cloaca like snakes and centipedes, but needs more voice coaching. Though spewing McKinsey's boilerplate propaganda points, she sounds like a screechy crank, unable to parrot Kellyanne's silky smooth and poisonously dulcet tones. 


Juxtapose with spundit KaC, plying her meretricious trade.

In case you've just stumbled onto this blogpost, go read VERMIN wherein Elliott's chosen *expertise* for managing the pandemic -- McKinsey -- is exposed as malevolent, then Dementors, where her own particular brand of political perfidy is laid out. 

From the viewpoint of Ontario's frontline healthcare professionals and essential workers, Covid19 carnage is real. 

It is NOT *only* Grand Guignol depravity staged by Premier Drug Lord and his murderous ministers, for the titillation of Toronto Sun readers and their Con followers.

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