Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Bravo BlockedByRempel observers and The Beaverton!

Whilst working on a blogpost about Kenney and his UCP's greed, rightwing nuttery and gross incompetence, as demonstrated by the mismanagement of the Covid19 pandemic and other public health issues in Alberta, I collected odds'n'ends about the federal government's Official Opposition health critic.

Always in attack mode, Michelle Rempel's tactic is to assault her political opponents with a frenzy of trashy claims and hope something sticks.

In November she launched into a shifty-eyed tirade as she threw out spurious and irrational accusations. It would seem Rempel has graduated from her legendary, copious imbibing of cheap boxed wine to harder pharmaceuticals procured by her 'Murrican husband.

In her wide-ranging selection of squawking points the MP for Oklaberta parroted, she CONveniently left out actual the fact it was Mulroney's Con government that facilitated the sale of Canada's major pharmaceutical laboratories to foreign corporations. Her former boss Stephen Harper did NOTHING to rectify this problem after the H1N1 health crisis.


And, listen to this clip.

To summarize:

When did Rempel join a US-based evangelical, extremist cult that requires women to obey their husbands -- and to cleave to their opinions on everything, as Amy Coney Barrett's alleged religious community _People of Praise_ does?

Her preposterous act + her claims reflect the very worst Republican world view and rightwing neocon propaganda.

The Beaverton nails the Conspiracy Party of Canada's current depraved and delusional hypocrisy as K'erin O'Toole literally acts exactly as spoofed by The Beaverton. 

Read more hilarious responses to The Beaverton's tweet, here.

The foundation of science is evidence. It's evident the Con party led by O'Toole and informed by the MP from Oklaberta's obfuscations is based on lies and propaganda -- which they may or may not *believe* to be true and/or accurate.

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