Monday 16 November 2020

Ontario: Open For Bizness

Something old and something new..

My fancy way to announce that DJ! will be juxtaposing vintage blogposts to a new one.

Let's start with Tim Hudak, shall we? The last time I recall hearing that smarmy worm mentioned was when my co-blogger Fernhill's heavy lifting exposed his support for antichoice groups and their gynophobic agenda.

Her persistent scrutiny of Hudak was so juicy and comprehensive that it was stolen then claimed as his own by an unmentionable big muck-amuck political operative.

Well lookee here and take note of where Hudak happens to be, now. How CONvenient and expedient, ri-i-ight?

Here's a cogent overview of how the criminal element might be using real estate and property development deals to launder $$$ in Ontario.
More recently: "An internal report from Canada’s anti-money laundering watchdog found nearly half of the real estate companies audited weren’t complying with key areas of the country’s anti-money laundering regime and experts warn these “serious gaps” can hurt criminal investigations. The report prepared by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FinTRAC) for Finance Minister Bill Morneau included an audit of 172 real estate companies, brokers and developers in 2017-18."
Has any serious investigative journalism scrutinized the connections between Premier Drug Lord's criminal past, his mob cronies, his developer donors, lobbyists and his Fraud Nation government's predilection for meddling in business ventures that favour real estateproperty development and gambling?

Oops.. the last time I posted links in my tweets about DF's hash dealing antecedents, I was suspended from Twitter. Better not push my luck again. Friends of the F*rd are paid big bucks to survey social media.

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Pseudz said...

Great to have you on the prowl for ghastly perps again. These neo-lib and neo-con austerity kleptocracies would be nervous of the ends of their various majority legislature runs if only our police forces didn’t also have a lot to hide. I’d love mike Harris on an ice floe in shouting distance of floes supporting kenney, harper, k. elliot, d. ford, and the slugs and pupa that support them. Sink ‘em for chum.

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