Monday 28 December 2020

Premier Deadbeat Dad

Or if you prefer, Daddy Cheesecake. There were some inspired responses to my previous blogpost about Premier Daddy Drug Lord's Magical Make-over.

A powerful Twitter hashtag Premier #DeadBeatDadDoug is the brainchild of David D. aka @answerallman. The Beaverton picked up the theme with its _ Deadbeat Dad Behind in Health Care System Payments_. 

More critics of Premier Drug Lord's corrupt and depraved mismanagement of the Covid19 pandemic and ensuing systemic public healthcare crisis have presented cogent facts.

The best way to counter all disingenuous campaigns, electoral or other, that try to spin Premier DeadbeatDad and Fraud Nation's governance as anything but carnage and calamity for the 99% of people in Ontario is to state and restate the evidence. 

That's it. Acts of corporate corruption and gross, deliberate malfeasance from Ford, Elliott, Lecce, Mulroney and *Dr* Fullerton are well-documented.


We won't let the rightwing and pro-liberal MSM gild Daddy Cheesecake's flaming pile of shit. We will oppose their propaganda and expose its stench and toxicity.

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