Sunday, 27 December 2020

Premier Daddy Drug Lord's Magical Make-Over

A PR campaign calculated to deliberately *change the story* about the Ford government's Covid19 failure to defend and protect the people of Ontario is visibly under way.

Vomitrocious propaganda from a former Toronto Sun stenographer. He parrots focus group speaking points from the Cons' campaign to obnubilate facts about their malfeasance and lack of due diligence to prevent Covid19 deaths in Ontario. 

He cites an opinion from this Navigator™ flakan experienced turd-gilder and lobbyist who susurrates slick BS with practiced aplomb.

[Ford] was dogged by controversy over rebranded, and subsequently defective, licence plates. He was feuding with the province's teachers unions during tense contract talks. And he vowed to launch his 2022 re-election campaign this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

"He became 'Premier Dad' to everybody and he found that empathy," said Amanda Galbraith, a principal at public relations firm Navigator and former communications director for Toronto Mayor John Tory [..]

No, the "experts" quoted in the fluff piece aren't tripping on Doug's prime hashish. They are seasoned spin doctors doing their job: diverting all journalistic attempts to scrutinize Fraud Nation's malfeasant actions and depraved incompetence during the pandemic and the systemic public health crisis. 

Nothing has changed. Premier Fraud Nation exploits Covid19 for his own political agenda. The rightwing media amplifies his lies, trying not to trip over the bodies of those who have died and are suffering in private and hugely profitable Long Term Care residences.

More honest trenchant reactions to the Premier Dad® crap here.

A reminder of the harm and pain that squalid, corrupt Fraud Nation has inflicted upon Ontario people. From here.

This is an old problem. But now LTC industry lobbyists exploit Ford's *Open For Business* channels to receive federal pandemic $$$ and to guarantee retroactive impunity for their malevolent carnage.

Fraud Nation has hit the campaign trail.. so let's hit back, chipping away at the sparkly brass of his public relations. Let's expose what he's done, and how this greedy, sleazy huckster is paving the way to a gravy trough full of taxpayer-funded freebies for his criminal cronies, developer buddies, corporate hogs and other good ol' boys to stuff themselves. Opposition to the Ford government kleptocracy is organized and its genuine, grass-roots people and groups will lead the battle. 

Updated to include knowledgeable facts from actual journalists doing their work, plus a pithy observation from Fern Hill.


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