Wednesday 30 December 2020

Tetanus McGrift

Who the hell is hogging the victim wah-wah pedal

Oh right-o. That's Andrew Doyle, curtailed in his attempt to squeeze more $$$ from @TitaniaMcGrath, the lemon he spawned from his malcontent alter ego, garnished with the face of his RealDoll™ and weaponized with gobs of his/her/their fatuous, churlish, humourless tweets. 

Doyle is an odd duck who seems to hang out at the doctrinaire Quislette where fakerydeceitfraud and hoax are championed if clothed in the correct ideological garb. Charmed by Tetanus' purported strident, *leftist* siren's song, the alpha dogs and even Kay Fils occasionally throw him some scraps from their table. Dixit the man, à propos the malicious fabricated subterfuge he believes to be a Swiftian-level parody:

"From Titania’s earliest appearance, I resolved to stay anonymous — not to cause mischief, but more for the fun of it. If people believed she was real, I reasoned, I could enter into dialogue with her detractors. This meant that the satirical impact would not be restricted to what Titania said, but how others reacted to her. Her tweets are designed to ridicule the excesses of the social justice left, but her interactions tend to expose the folly of those on the right who take her at face value and lose their temper. As such, her targets are not limited to one side of the political spectrum." 
Juxtapose! Compare the Tetanus avatar with the silicon playmate whose current nom de guerre is Jessica. The blank eyes, slightly ajar lips, blonde hair.. thoroughly down-tarted and accessorized with photoshopped glasses and a library to convey intellectual credibility. Voilà! Is this how Incel boyz amuse themselves when they wish they could cavort with $6K Barbies? 

So pucker up gurrl — your charmless Daddy is going to press you hard and put you away dry. To update Madonna's _Material Girl_ lyrics: 

'Cause we are living in a monetized world
And I am a monetized girl..

Do check out Doyle's Twitter Galatea, here. His/her/their fans are legion, at least in his mind. Note the appropriated banner art, no credit given to its creator. He must fantasize how he/she/they emulate the witty brilliance of @TheTweetOfGod. None of them are in David Javerbaum's league

It has been pointed out by many that an aggrieved Doyle uses a stodgy Tetanus to malevolently punch down at his targets. Though pathetically cringe-inciting, he/she/they are deeply unfunny. 

That + his/her/their hamfisted tweets are anti-comedy poison. Not canceled, just canned. Hence the MASSIVE failure on the Fringe and club circuit.

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