Sunday, 13 December 2020

Sons of Gavin McAnus

A fitting name for the _Proud Boys™_.

So so much I have tweeted about their Dungeon Daddy's idiocy and their violent, circus-clownish peccadillos, since McAnus first spawned them. If my twitter account is restored, I'm archiving all my scathingly savage observations about this cesspool scum and their hipster neonazi progenitor.

Following in their patriarch's footsteps, the "boys" try to elevate gross, self-indulgent frat boy antics into ersatz civil disobedience. The medium is the message.

And what's with the piss-yellow, skid-mark-stained kilt fabric they're sporting during their little display? Their fashion stylist clearly believes that form follows function.

The response is mostly aghast and justifiably derisive. Some dickhead likened it to a PETA or FEMEN protest. Wut? Why not PUSSY RIOT, without the justesse, the wit, the punk music or the talent?

Some sharply noted words about this.


Seriously, though.

Trump repeatedly using the WP hand sign. A historic church under attack. Calculated tactics.

White supremacy choreographed by the Ku Klux Kops.

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