Thursday, 21 April 2011

Exactly how would Stevie guarantee 'anti-abortion' legislation is defeated?

I have some questions about the 'not reopen the abortion issue' brouhaha.

Here's what Motherhood Steve had to say:
“As long as I am prime minister we are not opening the abortion debate,” Mr. Harper declared. “The government will not bring forward any such legislation and any such legislation that is brought forward will be defeated as long as I am prime minister.”

Kady is allll over the mechanics of 'will be defeated' bit. Basically, how?

Whip the vote on private members' bills? Somehow block the stacked Senate from passing? Institute a Prime Ministerial veto?

Kady has asked the CPC so-called War Room and will report as will I.

My other question is: Who will define what 'anti-abortion' legislation is?

Because remember the sponsors of the last two private members' sneaky back-door attempts to throw up barriers to legal abortion both swore up hill and down dale that their bills had nothing, nada, zip, zero, to do with abortion. Both Bruinooge and Epp lied their asses off all over the country on any media that would have them, saying that anyone who thought their bills had anything to do with abortion were paranoid libtard feminazis.

Well, except for the base, who definitely heard the dog whistle. Our fave, Mr Kicking Abortion's Ass, said so quite triumphantly.

I want Peter Mansbridge to get a clear answer to this in the much-touted interview tonight.

I also want a pony.


doconnor said...

He could whip cabinet members. I think Mulroney did that before on the abortion issue. That would be enough because if the Conservatives get a majority it would probably not be very big.

The senate has been used to block an abortion bill before, too.

fern hill said...

Not a Con stacked Senate.

Just whipping the cabinet would do? There are Fetus Fetishists among the damned Libs.

Mel Jones said...

Uh, he wouldn't. That's why if you notice he keeps saying there is "no debate" on abortion. He knows exactly what he plans to do about it, as this article clearly points out, Maybe those two should just get a room.

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