Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Stringing the Fetishists Along: Final Phase (We Hope)

The Stringing the Fetus Fetishists Along Bill had its second hour of debate yesterday.
The bill was supported with speeches by Bruinooge, Kelly Block (Saskatoon—Rosetown—Biggar, CPC), Bev Shipley (Lambton—Kent—Middlesex, CPC), and David Anderson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and for the Canadian Wheat Board, CPC).

Speaking in opposition were France Bonsant (Compton—Stanstead, BQ), Niki Ashton (Churchill, NDP), and Brent Rathgeber (Edmonton—St. Albert, CPC) [CPC??? huh???].
This morning Rod Bruinooge was on The Current lying his ass off as usual. (Listen at the link. There are also two clips from the debate: Shipley and Ashton.)

In her introduction, Anna Maria Tremonti briefly related the story of Roxanne Fernando's murder. Then said:
Roxanne's story struck a chord with Rod Bruinooge. He's the Conservative MP who he chairs the multi-party pro-life caucus in Parliament. He believes Roxanne was killed because she refused to have an abortion.

Note careful phrasing: 'He believes.' But, as regular readers here know, Roxanne's murder had zip zero nada to do with abortion.

Bruinooge blathers on for quite a while, repeating that Roxanne was killed defending her 'unborn child' and denying his bill has anything to do with abortion. Oh, but he also got in the phrase abortion in Canada is 'legal for the full nine months' several times.

Anna Maria tried to pin him down on his own opinion of abortion. But he wiggled and said that he supports the laws of Canada, or some such hogwash (I can't bear to listen again, but if someone wants to supply the exact phrase, I'll insert it). She let that go.

She did try to pin him down on the number of 'coerced' abortions happening in Canada. Well, he didn't have a number, but he felt sure there were lots of them. To her credit, she pressed on that and repeated something like 'even though we don't know how prevalent such situations are. . . '

Then, in rebuttal, Dawn Fowler, Canadian Director of the National Abortion Federation, came on to talk about violence against women and to wonder why Bruinooge's bill focussed on pregnant women coerced into abortion and did not include pregnant women coerced into continuing an unwanted pregnancy.

He dodged that to repeat 'full nine months' again, which of course got up Dawn Fowler's nose and she denied that abortions occur in the ninth month. 'It just doesn't happen.'

More blah-blah. Then Susan Delacourt came on to discuss the politics of it, specifically of Stevie Spiteful.

So, yeah, we feminazis could get behind a bill that 'protected' all pregnant women from coercion of any kind. Though how exactly that might work, I have no idea.

Because we know that pregnant women are coerced, threatened, harassed, and intimidated every bloody day.

Like this (warning, it's hard to watch):

So, the second-reading vote is tomorrow, December 15. Stevie Peevie has instructed his cabmins to vote against it and people in the know seem to think that'll be enough to kill it.

I sure hope so.

But if you live in one of the three ridings of what LieShite calls Liberal Pro-Life Heroes, maybe you'd like to shoot them a line.

Paul Szabo
Dan McTeague
John McKay


k'in said...

"In March 2005, Brent became the Executive Director of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCAC), an industry association of industrial contractors, who believe in progressive labour relations with their employees."


Surprised that minority PM Karaoke Ken-Doll hasn't got around to censoring this dude's website. Then again, I'd never heard of him either.

And only 3 Scarberian dinosaurs left in the LPC anti-choice caucus?


Not sure I'm quite that confident their numbers have dwindled to 3, but if they're dropping off/going extinct/not showing up for votes then that's a good sign.

double nickel said...

I just heard it tonight on CBC. Bruinooge is a grade A moron. Listening to McVety was nearly unbearable.

Anonymous said...

I wish they had discussed how this bill would have been played out in real life if it became law. If it is supposed to catch coercion before it reaches the violent stage, then how would that work? If a couple struggled over the decision and she then had an abortion, could a third party call the police and accuse her partner of coercion? Would the police then come aknockin' and interview the couple with questions about their deliberations? Interfering in the intimate lives of Canadians doesn't seem like a very Conservative value. But then again, women are always fair game with these guys.

Beijing York said...

Cut from the same cloth (too tight a weave) those two, double nickel.

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