Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Still Stringing the Fetus Fetishists Along

LifeShite is reporting that The Stringing Fetus Fetishists Along Bill will get its first hour of debate next Monday.

Bill C-510 is bathetically styled 'Roxanne's Law' after a woman who was NOT -- contrary to the lying liars' claim -- murdered because she refused to have an abortion.

On Monday, Rod Bruinooge and his merry band of misogynists will no doubt spout a bunch of bullshit about the MASSIVE numbers of women coerced into abortion.

Alas, to no avail. Stevie Spiteful has already nixed the deal.

There will be another hour of debate in December then a vote.

Then we'll be done with this round of Kicking Abortion's Ass.

Until the next one.


Niles said...

It's never done. Not so long as votes and money can be raised by hauling it out of the back closet when convenient.

Speaking of which, have you seen some of the Christian fright houses ala Halloween show venues? There's always a horror scene of a female 'victim' set in a gory 'abortion' setting. I think that pretty much sums it up.

Beijing York said...

I have a horrible feeling that Bruinooge and all other junior Harper MPs in Manitoba will not only be re-elected but their ranks might very well grow.

Nadine Lumley said...

If women didn't have babies they didn't want, who would become sex victims for priests and dead soldiers for our Prime Spender?


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