Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Con jobs and lying liars.

It's getting to the point where no cover-up so stinky or no lie so MASSIVELY obvious from the Con jobs and the lying liars could be a straw that breaks the camel's back.

The media routinely reports these gaffes, fuster clucks and deliberate obfuscations; it seems at this point the Canadian public expects dishonesty and incompetence from Harper's New©™ Government and has become jaded.

First, from Montreal Simon, we hear more confirmation that Bev Oda is not only a Con job, but a total idiot as well.

A whodunit mystery captured Parliament Hill Friday after the international co-operation minister said she didn’t know who tampered with a document that bears her signature but one she is not certain she signed.

A two-page memorandum recommending the approval of $7,098,758 in funding to the church group KAIROS for its human rights activities was originally signed by two top bureaucrats at the Canadian International Development Agency in September 2009. But someone — it’s unclear who — handwrote “NOT” between the words “you” and “approve” on the memorandum’s last line. [...]

“It’s like a Clue game. We have the minister in the committee with the pen that says she signed it and killed the deal,” said NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar. “I think the minister needs to come clean … she used the department to explain away what was in the end an ideological position.”

Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae said the document was tampered with and changed retroactively so it would look as if CIDA was recommending the faith-based group be chopped. “If you put 'not' in front of a cheque or if you put 'not' in front of a number on a cheque, it is called fraud,” he said.

Then this Con-veeenient (imagine Preston Manning saying the word) event, which blasted the credibility of the last functional Commons Committe that Stevie's bullies had not yet managed to destroy.

It might be Grand Guignol theatre - diverting and crudely funny as hell - if it weren't the future of our country that Stevie Spiteful is willfully and malevolently screwing up.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. The reformatories have worked very very hard to isolate us, to get Canadians to believe in individualism, because community or collectivism invokes socialism. shreeiiiik

They are not a political party, they are an extremist movement who have studied totalitarianism up/down, back/front and now we have T Lite. It seems their tactics have worked just as well on any opposition in this country as well. Because what do they do, except mouth off about it? And the media, so complicit, oy!

Electoral Reform is our only hope and since the Liberals aren't on board, we need to reach out to the other 3 parties and tell them to embrace ER so completely, Canadians will notice.


Saskboy said...

You're not the only one feeling this way today.

Anonymous said...

Left you a comment saskboy, with some links you might want to check out. :>) I don't know the solution, but we gotta try something.

Saskboy said...

It got caught in moderation, but it's now posted.

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