Thursday, 21 April 2011

^NOT Reopen, Just ^NOT Fund

Well, big mouth fetus fetishist Brad Trost has unleashed a shitstorm.

Lying POS Dimitri Soudas summoned journalists in the middle of the night to dismiss Trost as a mere backbencher without access to government policy.

But as cathie reminds us, he's a backbencher with a source on matters dear to the Canadian Christian Taliban.

The odious lying Oda hustled out a statement.
International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda issued a statement insisting Planned Parenthood would get funding if its application "falls within the government's parameters."

IPPF has been waiting for over a year to find out if its application falls within the parameters.

Let's help Oda out, shall we?

Here is the Muskoka Declaration on Maternal Health. Note point 8 mentions 'voluntary family planning'. But zip zero nada on abortion.

Now have a look at IPPF's website and note second batch of bullet copy, last point.

There. IPPF, you are shit out of luck.

Today, on the campaign trail in Conception, NL, (would/could I make that up?), SHithead is all 'no we will not bring any legislation on abortion, nonononono'.

He dodged a question on private members' bills.

To which kady responded:
If Stephen Harper intended to say that he will whip his caucus and/or cabinet in any future vote, he should say so, explicitly.

But really, all this is beside the point. He doesn't need to legislate. Just ^NOT fund it.

Visit Alison for a view of the current Canadian Fetus Lobby.


ck said...

None of this is surprising honestly.

I can just get this visual of Steve's lap dog calling a press conference in the middle of the night for damage control attempting to portray Trost as someone who's an 'outsider' of sorts.

Of course Steve dodged debate on private members' bills. That's how he pushes his agenda through--one private members' bill at a time.

fern hill said...

Yes, one private members' bill at a time. Until/unless majority! Then he can do whatever the hell he and his TheoCon base want.

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