Saturday, 17 April 2010

My Bad?

Those hapless fetus fetishists. Remember when Ken Epp was yelping all over the place that his private member's bill, C-484, had zip zero nada to do with abortion and his lie was abruptly and definitively shot to shit by the big-mouthed blogger subsequently dubbed Mr Kicking Abortion's Ass?

It seems that Rod Bruinooge's current backdoor attempt to restrict abortion, aka Roxanne's Law, has just had its very own Kicking Abortion's Ass moment.

And I may be responsible for it.

Yesterday, I blogged about the bill and included a link to its inevitable Facebook page and my intention to join to ask questions.

I did and my question was deleted, so I unjoined. Others reported that all critical and/or pro-choice comments were being deleted. Fine.

I didn't keep a copy of the question -- my first bad -- but it was along the lines of: 'I'm getting flashbacks to C-484 which was also not atall atall about abortion except all its supporters knew it was. If this new bill is not atall atall about abortion, why are all Canada's most famous fetus fetishists joining this group, starting with Faytene Krystow as administrator?'

I did not mention in my comment that I had noted Canada's maddest homophobe and fetus fetishist, Bill Whatcott, was also a member.

Sometime yesterday or last night, as reported by Bene Diction Blogs On's Rick Hiebert and BeneD, the group disappeared.

When I last looked before it hit the black hole, there were almost 300 members and lots of comments on the wall.

Well, now it's back, whittled down to only 99 members and three comments.

Oooh, and Faytene is no longer administrator. Just Bruinooge is listed as 'creator'. I bet he likes that. ;) Faytene is not even a member.

The members list has been purged. No more Bill and no other notable fetus fetishist that I recognize anyway.

Did they twig? Did I help? My bad?


deBeauxOs said...

Nope, you didn't give the game away fh. I just checked the Freaked Minions thread about Bill C-510. The usual suspects are there, and Blob Blogging Wingnut is saying that this is all good.

There are some stunningly stoopid claims made in those posts.

Such as: "Abortions are as common place as vending machines and as easy to obtain as buying a Pepsi."

Bina said...

I think they're doomed. Pardon me while I strike up the world's smallest fiddle for them and the bill (which will surely die soon, too...)

the regina mom said...

Is there a countering Kill Bill C-510 group on Fbook? If so, can you please invite me to join?

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