Friday, 11 May 2012

Fun with Fetus Fetishist Numbers

While taking screenshots for yesterday's blogpost on counting fetus fetishists, obviously I missed one.

In the updates I quoted the Ottawa Sun:
A much smaller crowd than expected slowed traffic during the March for Life on downtown Ottawa streets Thursday.

Organizers claimed they were expecting more than 15,000 pro-life supporters to converge on Parliament Hill. However, today's crowd on a cool, blustery spring afternoon is estimated at perhaps 4,000 people.

JJ, the Unrepentant, linked and quoted it too with a comment.

Liberal Media Conspiracy?  Too bad that little nugget came from the Ottawa Sun, not known as a bastion of liberalism by any stretch of the imagination; even a fetus fetishist’s imagination.
Now, however, when you hit the link, this is what you see about numbers.
Organizers say more than 19,000 people attended, while the RCMP report more than 10,000.
I checked back in the comments to the oldest ones and there is -- now, at least -- nothing about the number 4,000. No complaints, no chortles.

Need I add that there is no clarification or correction from the editor either?

So. What kinda media conspiracy we got here, eh?

ADDED: JJ has screenshots that demonstrate not only was the lower crowd estimate deleted, the entire piece was rewritten as if dictated by the fetus fetishists themselves. As she says: 'Shame on you'.


Anonymous said...

Organizers were correct - but you have to decipher all the spin

4000 protestors
6000 media (based on RCMP report of 10k in attendance)
9000 police (both SturmtrooperBlackWall types and the mob infiltration unit complete with Rocks, bandanas and fleet footedness) from the organizers total.

BemusedLurker (Hope this clarifies the issue)

Anonymous said...

i liked the pro-Qaddafi july first rally estimates
mainstream western media ...... 25000
russian media ................. 1.2 million
chinese media ................. 1.7 million

(western mainstream media report our votes don't they ?)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were counting the unborn.

Anonymous said...

ok, this is what I would like to know

Why do they need to lie?

why do they lie about how popular their movement is?
why do they need to lie about fetal pain (literally make shit up)
why do they need to create 'wedge issues'?
why do they need to photoshop fetus pics?
why do they need to literally invent bullshit with movies such as the silent scream?

if their movement is so righteous
and abortion is so ungodly horrible and terrible


abortion on its own without any embellishment should be horirfying enough for why consciusly and willingly and rather exploitatevely LIE ABOUT WHAT REALLY GOES ON????

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