Friday, 11 May 2012

Pius Xtremists and Title IX

It's good to know stopping abortion is important enough that the Catholic schools of Ontario, subsidized as they are by taxpayer monies, allow boys and girls to mingle while on their mandatory outings to politically protest at the command of their authority figures.

Of course even forced political protest isn't as important as say, sports.  Real Catholics TM know sports are too important to leave to the reality of merit and good conduct.

This is going on as an accepted religious educational format in the heartland of  off-season training camp pro-baseball, Arizona.  Where it's increasingly ok for everyone above the age of 10 to carry concealed sidearms and Stand Their Ground.  If the sexes cross each other's path for the matters of defense against the premarital coitus, are the boys supposed to respect the girls and let them shoot first or should the girls defer to the boys as their superiors and let them shoot as many rounds as they want without interruption?

It's not about the babies 'saved' from abortion for the 'religious', it's about control of women and the psychological manipulation of men to ensure it.

h/t Butterflies and Wheels

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Anonymous said...

Work downtown Ottawa on Laurier. Watched the brianwashed children march and chant. Was surprised that I had to explain to many of my co-workers that the majority of "protesters" were in fact catholic high school students.

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