Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fetushists fear mongering?

fern hill found this creepy YouTube at "choicetvnetwork" here; it's the only entry.

It's also being promoted at all the usual fetus lobby sites, like SoConOrNutz, here.

It could be something produced by the antichoice yout' - it has that Faytene and 4mycanada vibe to it.

But the look and sounds of it are ominous and threatening ... like a sniper, or an explosion ... something that a domestic terrorist might send out to create fear, before unleashing a catastrophic event.

Worth reporting to CSIS? Or just let nature run its course and watch as zygote zealots laughably and predictably shoot themselves in the foot on May 22nd?


Anonymous said...

We can only hope its that magical day when all the christians disappear.

Niles said...

Looks like a baddd film trailer.

liberal supporter said...

What is it with the Saturday of May 24 weekend (or the last normal weekend before everyone in the States takes off for Memorial day weekend)?

Last year it was the Camping Conjob, Family Radio world is ending. Now what?

Niles said...

Mostly, it reminded me of the sf film where with special glasses the protagonists could see the 'invisible' alien invaders. Starred wrestler Roddy Piper.

Not sure a film of millions of invisible fetuses being made visible would equal that great film about three girls captive in a Catholic Hellhouse nightmare run by SatanMuahahah TM, but hey, if they're *zombie* fetuses on the loose rather than punishing young women over and over again, that could be cool...even if all they're capable of is uhm...looking like something you spit out of your mouth after taking a hit in hockey.

Of course, knowing the usual suspects, such a concept film would necessarily suddenly have all women pregnant with all the 'disappeared holocaust' *babies*.

Of course too, if there was a film where all the *men* anti-choicers suddenly became pregnant with all the 'disappeared' bayybees, I might give it a view. Good thing everyone in the Vatican is already wearing loose robes.

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