Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Illegitimate Majority = Illegitimate Legislation

The Sixth Estate is doing its usual fabulous job of keeping track of the (at the moment, 48) ridings where 'unprecedented' allegations of electoral fraud have been reported.

By my count, 32 of the 48 were won by Cons, in some cases narrowly. Dr Dawg does the math on how Stevie's long-lusted-for majority is constructed.

The majority, as we are all aware, that he is using to shut down debate and ram through legislation that Canadians do NOT want -- like online spying. (And the dissolution of the Wheat Board, destruction of the long-gun registry, etc., etc.)

Clearly, the Contempt Party is praying for Canadians to ignore the current outrage as they've pretty well ignored the whole slimy Con track record of abuse of democracy and accountability.

Let's help keep this pot boiling, shall we?

Illegitimate majority = illegitimate legislation.

Not short and snappy, alas. We welcome improvements to it.


Anonymous said...

Problem is....Harper controls Election Canada, courts, judges, media, and the RCMP. They have been so corrupt, Canadians don't even want them, as an icon for Canada anymore. Their image is pretty much in tatters.

Harper is no Conservative. He is a Neo-Nazi Reformer, from his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. they said, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his, more than shady party.

Harper is pretty much a fascist dictator, and controls by threat. He told a charitable organization..If they said one word against the tar sands...their budget would be cut to the bone. Scientists are not even to publish their papers, everything has to go through Harper first. However, Harper fixed that, he cut Environment Canada, nearly out of existence.

Well more than half of Canadians, did not want Harper as P.M. Harper used dirty tactics, to smear Ignatieff's family. However, neither Ignatieff, nor Jack Layton stooped to Harper's level, which is a Nazi level. We would have been a hundred times better off with Ignatieff, or at that time, with Jack Layton. I have never liked Harper, right from day one.

I lined up, Hitler's early political days, with Harper's early political days. They used the exact same methods to gain control.

Rene Gauthier said...

Don't forget that the irregularities began in 2006. Coincidence?

Niles said...


Once I went a wandering, a wandering so keen.
Off to find a voting booth to which I’d never been.
Strange it was I went to there but there I was a launched.
I’d trusted to the voice that said you’re voting here this once.
Trusting to the voice that said it called from Ruling powers.
Trusting to the thought that we are all for Country ours.
I wondered if I’d heard aright when I stood lost alone.
The people queried, stared at me as if third eye I’d grown.
So home I dragged, my time ill spent, confusion on my mind,
To have a hot hate slowly burn when punk’d me I did find.
But silent I remained the days, thinking it just me,
Until the birdies chirped above the Cheshire purring twee,
That punking was a national sport, steeped like Timmy’s brew,
Into the blood of those that thought a lesser thing was truth.
Lack wit, young games, to trick folks so, rogue lark, rough jest, a jape!
No harm’s been done when all is said and look, a goat’s been scaped!
The winners vow, it’s windmills all, no dragons here to slay!
Trust to the voice that comes again, on next election day!
Election day. Democracy. The words lie limp and flat
What good a vote, if it’s just a joke, to untouchable, smiling cats?


Voting Denial = Voters Reviled
Voter Defrauding = GriftGov GodModding
Misleading Ridings = Malfeasant Tidings
Stop the Vote Ever Getting Out Values = STVEGOV
Vote Contraception = Justice Defection
Voter Deceit = Charter’s Defeat

- Vote Denial: When citizens might as well be held up in immigration queues
- Malfeasance: When Misfeasance isn’t manly enough


Also, too.

I haven't seen it mentioned yet, that every non-Con vote that wasn't registered, even if the affected vote total would not have changed the victor in a riding, took monies away from Opposition parties. Per individual it isn't much, but no vote counted meant not being tallied into the allocation monies to the parties.

fern hill said...

Great stuff, Niles.

The point about allocation money has been mentioned on Twitter, but I haven't seen it in a news report.

Pseudz said...

A mention of the money would become a focus of the Con response - enabling the Cons to make the loyal Opposition appear as poor (read cheapskate) dependents = un-needed, whiney expenses. . . . and Scrooge sez, "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?"

Beijing York said...

GTVO = Get The Vote Offed

That's what the CONs paid for. This morning's panel on "The Current" did not impress me much. At least they acknowledged that this was a well-planned, deliberate effort by someone with clout in the campaign but that there was no way Harper would know about it - plausible deniability and all that.

They all concurred that the dirty tricks didn't really impact the results of the election by and large, citing the huge margins that CONbot candidates won by. I call bullshit on that meme. Some ridings were won with small margins and equally importantly, many voters might have actually given up on voting due to misinformation and/or annoyance. Also, the media is focusing mostly on the robo-calls when there were also live scripted calls across the country.

The mixed bag of approaches was a clever move in my view. It was easier to dismiss the complaints pre- and post-election as isolated pranks.

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