Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stevie's Alleged Electoral Fraud

Go read Alison at Creekside: Steve's Margin of Victory - revised for the latest figures on those critical ridings that allowed PMSHithead and his CONtempt Party to grab his 39% "majority" government.

As one of the commenters at DJ! said: "Harper's "prove it" response in the House. All he sees is the opposition parties attacking him, not the Canadian people wanting answers. No leadership, no class."

Aaron Wherry observes how Stevie Spiteful goes on a Baird-like bullying bombast in the House of Commons.

Added: This picture from @0lddutch in answer to question "What do you get when you cross a Con with a root vegetable?"


Beijing York said...

The Conservatives were gleeful about this, many of them leaping up to applaud, several of them grinning as if they’d just been presented with a new bike for Christmas.


Niles said... the Conservatives are reversing themselves and they're not running an internal investigation.

However, Del Mastro told reporters his party isn’t conducting its own investigation and will leave the matter up to Elections Canada, which he believes already has the necessary resources to get to the bottom of the issue

deBeauxOs said...

... and besides, PMSHithead claims it's all a smear job by the opposition parties because they "lost" the elections.

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