Monday, 20 February 2012

Creekside: Oh sting, where is thy death?

Alison says it best: Oh sting, where is thy death?

MP Dean De Monstro continues to perform as a lesser CONtempt Party Attack Parrot sent out by the Politburo to repeat ad nauseam the speaking points - aka fabrications - their propaganda machine has cranked out.

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Anonymous said...

One would think that Steve, despite his hatred for the moribund Liberal Party of Canada, would learn from their mistakes. Odd that the CPC behave in such a fascist manner toward citizens that express opinions (good Libertarians are generally rah, rah, free speech is good even when we 'we agree to disagree' as Ezra would say) yet allow their backbench dino-MPs to spout off all kinds of nonsense. Where former Liberal MP Paul (fetus fetshist/lost to a 28 year old) Steckle these days? Dan McTeague got handed his ass last election too.


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