Monday, 20 February 2012

And If You Don't Buy That Reason...

Religious Liberty? That's yesterday's excuse.  You've come a long way, baby.  Until you haven't.  The Very Serious talking points in the 'Doubling down? We're *tripling* down!' game of abortion=all contraception=you shall not escape punishment, are circling around to what's really important to today's American Republicans.

Teh Menz.

Because the poor unsuspecting beastly boys, bless their hearts, having been lured into having sex with the toxic Jezebels and Salomes loosed on the world by legal and easy chemical contraception, are now paying the price for dipping their wicks in poisoned ponds.  Not even condoms could have saved them!
O perfidious selfish wimminz, what hast thine sluttiness wrought?

Fact and reality free as the claim is, I just won't be surprised if this talking point rockets up the charts past Abortion causes breast cancer by the start of March.  Because women don't have enough pressure on them.

After that, I sense an uptick in emphasis on wimminz chemical contraception causing boys to feminize by drinking the water containing all that evacuated estrogen, thereby bringing about the culmination of the feminazi plot and the End Times.


Rev.Paperboy said...

It's all totally true! Icky girls have girl cooties! Ricky Santorum will save us all! Praise Jebus!

Anonymous said...

While listening to the Republicans I have figured out an order and method to their madness. Make birth control unaffordable,if not unavailable for low income women. Eliminate prenatal testing. Make abortion unaffordable or unavailable for low income women. Eliminate public schooling. Get rid of the minimum wage laws. Get rid of all Child Labour laws.
Did I leave anything out from this list ? Welcome to Charles Dicken's World. from Granny

Anonymous said...

I need to write an addendum to my above comment. I was just reading about Bob Marshall the Virginian law maker that appears to be trying to legalize rape by government sanction.
Do you know what really, really, upsets this poor Man ? That the federal government wants to advise people on what type of light bulb to use !
I notice that there are several 'Grannys' out there in blog world so I will distinquish my self with : GrannyVH

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