Sunday, 19 February 2012

State Rape

I have a suggestion for women like this:
CNN contributor and Andrew Breitbart blogger Dana Loesch, however, sees no problem with a law that effectively legalizes state-sponsored rape, saying the procedure is no different than penetration that occurred during consensual intercourse that “resulted in the pregnancy.”


meet Small Government.

Every female supporter of Vaginia's State Rape law should be forced to have a transvaginal ultrasound. I recommend the determined and thorough tech at Mt Sinai Hospital who did mine.

We breathlessly await your opinion post-procedure.

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Niles said...
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Niles said...

(argh. this is not my weekend. reposted for buggering up)

The earlier comment I made about the defense being 'any woman wanting abortion didn't have sex for baybees ergo slut ergo can't be raped ergo we are so NOT rapists'?

Ms Dana proves the essence of Poe's Law. There's literally no exaggeration you can come up with that some stooge of the rightwing Players won't bleat in dead seriousness.

I'm sure somewhere right now, Swift's sarcastolypse on how to deal with the starving population of the Irish is being touted as an atheist liberal manifesto for needing abortion to be legal.

No attempt at 'reductio ad absurdum' is too much to be believed.

You want demographic winter dragging down civilization? Critical thinking is the real abortion endemic in all this.

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