Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Soylent Blue is Feotple!

I have been so wrong.

I understand now why SHE is declaring as Bare-Breasted-Motherhood-With-Childbearing Hipped-Loins-Girdled-In-Virgin-Blue-Justice at the barricades, urging the other revolutionaries to Go Over The Top* in martyrdom for defense of the tithings-yet-to-come.

How could anyone do anything less than declare Diablo Abortoraderos should be hunted down, their horrific infamy ended by any means, when such monstrous truths as THIS* have been exposed in the same land that brought forth the call to action??!!??1!

It also explains that hot dog ad, the fiends! Right here in the Heart of the New West! Right here in River City! Right here in the bib.......mmmm...hot dogs..... Excuse me, I need to pop down to 17th Ave...

*(Ms DeBee. Told you. Compared to Ms Suzanne and fellow travellers' OTT disorder? You? Piker. See, you can't think about going Over The Top. Thinking is bad, makes you lethally hesitate and sanity checks creep in. You have to -BE- OVER THE TOP. There is no try)


Niles said...

hrm. apparently I should not mess with the time zone synch on a post. I definitely wrote this after the blog awards post.

fern hill said...

Did you hit a space-time discontinuum? Don't you hate it when that happens? ;-)

deBeauxOs said...

Niles is hours ahead of us, on Mountain Time. Or perhaps the space-time discontinuum was caused by the sun flares?

Mark From Slap said...

(Quietly munches a handful of Lays Fetus-o-riffic™ chips.)

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