Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fight the FetusMobile!

Maybe gas prices have plummeted in Calgary. Maybe some fetus fetishist won a lottery.

Whatever the reason, the good people of Calgary are getting seriously annoyed by the sharply increased presence of the FetusMobile on their streets.

There are several variants of the FetusMobile. You can see a representative array of them here. Creative lot, aren't they?

Complaining to the city and police hasn't done any good. So the good people of Calgary are fighting back -- with ridicule. And facts.

We really like the poster promoting Tubby Dogs' Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The copy underneath takes a swipe at the fetus fetishists' fetish for bogus statistics.
Approximately 70% of the hot dogs eaten during this event will be soaked in water to aid swallowing and 13% of the contestants will top their hot dogs with dome type of condiment -- often ketchup. It's estimated 83% of the hot dogs prepared will be destroyed during this event -- 100% of those hot dogs will have no choice.

Here's Tubby Dog's inspiration (snaffled from JJ's hilarious post about the FetusMobile and its insane driver caught in a road-rage incident):

Another group is also making mock. Calgary Pro-Choice Coalition has developed a comic. They're raising money to get it printed, but they're offering a free download here.

It's intended to inform people about the actual law of the land and the wackadoodles driving to subvert it. I'm not going to link but it is the abortion = genocide ijits.

Go. Download. Make supportive wall-posts on the Coalition's Facebook page.

Most of all -- laugh.


Ben Rankel said...

If you go directly to http://thinkprochoice.com/
you can read the comic by clicking through! Start by clicking on the large 'Think' title page.

Anonymous said...

SUZY ALL CAPS must be creaming herself.

Anonymous said...

The comic is amazing and it is time that the pro-choice movement stood up to the anti-choice people. Maybe we should unmask childbirth.

Niles said...

Those stupid trucks are an annoyance of long standing. Every time I'm with someone 'new' in the car, who's never seen them before, the response is always wt..f...is ...that...

They're uniformly shocked when I explain. The 'greater' population is unaware of this graphic jihad going on in the name of the neverborn.

They don't get converts by it, but I presume it's like the missionaries showing up at the door. They're not there to convert you, they're there to preen in the basking glow of their own zealotry as they martyr themselves amongst the heathens and heretics.

Might have to give the hot dog place a boo if they're being that bold.

JJ said...

Tubby's FTW! Where can I buy a Tubbydog?

Seriously, excellent freaking idea! I'm surprised one of us didn't think it up during the Fetusmobile's Glory Days, eh?

fern hill said...

Niles and JJ: Yes! Next time I'm in Calgary (probably around the time of the Rapture), I will definitely visit Tubby's and buy a dog or two. Reward anti-anti-choice biz.

(I particularly love the quarter.)

Anonymous said...

Glory Days? Well, I guess if you had owned a hot dog restaurant that had to watch it drive by daily, "one of you" may have thought it up. But you don't and you didn't.

JJ said...

Well gee anonymous, excuse our enthusiastic appreciation of Tubbydogs' great idea.

Proud Calgarian said...

Maybe we ought to dare the sponsors of the "fetusmobile" to drive the thing through the streets of Calgary in the DEAD OF WINTER, like possibly mid to late January when it is particularly cold out and hopefully it would be so cold out everyone would utterly ignore the "fetusmobile," - who's with me???????????????????????????????????

Proud Calgarian said...

Maybe a mayor and alderpeople who may drag their feet on the question or ??? of snow removal may get elected nonetheless and the DARN FETUSMOBILE would get STUCK IN THE SNOW in the FIRST SNOWSTORM OF WINTER LOL LOL hee hee hee, we can only hope.

Proud Calgarian said...

This seems like an alternate scheme or why not dare the sponsors of the fetusmobile to drive the thing through the streets of Calgary in the DEAD OF SUMMER, hopefully when it is +30 or hotter and the fetusmobile's driver would REALLY SWEAT and SWELTER AWAY IN HIS FETUSMOBILE. Or how about the DEAD OF SPRING or FALL when it is REALLY COOL and RAINY out and people would ignore the message the fetusmobile is trying to send since IT IS RAINING HEAVILY.

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