Sunday, 22 January 2012

SUZANNE is a prick. Cue the shrieeeking.

What? Oh, should I have used the hard-C word?

Consider Blob Blogging Wingnut and HER prick actions, emulating the tactics of Patrick Ross.

SHE publishes inflammatory posts. When folks who disagree with HER views link to these posts, SHE re-directs them to sites that feature pictures of the gory by-products of medically assisted or spontaneous miscarriages, culled from anatomical textbooks.

SHE moves the goal-posts.

SHE tweets and blogs about such *news* as the purported sexiness of ovulating women, pix of man sexually abusing a dog, a priest evangelizing mall shoppers, CIDA funding, breast implants, robots for interventions with autistic children, StunTV programming and most prevalent, Fetus Lobby truthiness to discredit scientific research.

When links are provided to allow people to read specific tweets at HER Twitter account @Roseblue, SHE blocks access.

Not surprising behaviour from this MOMMIE DEAREST who is compelled to breed by the Vatican Taliban, trumpeting the reason SHE is overpopulating the planet is ^NOT because SHE loves kids - SHE sees it as a competition to win: producing more progeny than HER ideological adversaries.

SHE is one dangerous passive-aggressive rightwing religious zealot. HER children's chances of growing up to be normal, compassionate human beings would improve if SHE let that humanoid robot raise them.


Niles said...

Oh come on, Ms DeBee, tell us how you really feel?(could.not.resist)

More seriously, I consider personages such as Ms Suzanne as an object lesson in how women are conditioned even now to behave under a theocracy. I don’t know most days if she makes me angry The pressure to conform and comply completely by the women in her faith when it’s not *now* legally dictated, is not lightened but tightened. Her doctrinal sect has not failed the congregations, the congregations have failed the sect faith. How many still face the secular variation of ‘try harder and it will work out, if it doesn’t work out you haven’t tried hard enough’? Especially women. Lacquer that with religious guilt? Brrr.

Such energy she has, such a desire to be a strong personality, and how stifled it all is, only allowed down a narrow pipe of piously approved behaviour. Small wonder she erupts under such pressure, empowered with desperation to justify the psychological costs sunk into pleasing the authorities that have shaped her to obey. It hurts to watch her thrash, you wish you could help her surface and you know she’d drown you with her if she could. If she gave it any thought, I wouldn’t be surprised if she believed the same in reverse.

The unkind thing is, I wouldn't be surprised at all if her spiritual masters roll their eyes at her, even while exploiting her energy, sex, gender and motherhood. By that suspicion, I'm cruelly denying Ms Suzanne knowing, agency in her zealous complicity with her faith's doctrines, but her unquestioning faith is demanded on pain of infinite spiritual torment by authoritarian men. Infallibility in matters of the faith was sealed by the last two pontiffs over just the topics she is on about.

They are, after all, the ones with the theological nuance the official religious discourage laity from exploring for fear the naive dears will accidentally shoot themselves in the faith with a heretical load. This, while the apologists look around for topics to emotionally overload and conflate from the pulpit to congregations so as to revive legislative coercion to obey religious mores.

As a heretic/apostate/areligious/naturalist myself, Ms Suzanne reminds me faith is not reason, not interested in being reason if it leads away from doctrine, and equable fair play must prevail over theocracy for all dissenters from religion that would be the State. But, I still hope her doubling down and insistence goddidit covers up a growing and distressing doubt.

Maybe, as it has for so many, that doubt will erupt instead and she’s going to allegorically chew off the spirtual leg chained to the moving goal posts she supposed to spend her life barely dodging while claiming they stand still. Maybe, even that wouldn’t change her stance on forced pregnancy. You never know, still, I hear miracles happen.

In the meantime, I’ll be working to provide my young relatives with the knowledge to not become her.

deBeauxOs said...

So Niles, are you telling me the inclusion of that NO WIRE HANGER! clip from 'Mommie Dearest' was Over The Top or not?


Niles said...

Ms DeBee, I think, compared to the leading 'lights' of the 'wimmins iz too stewpids to ownz theyselvez becuz...goddidit' movement, you don't know the meaning of being Over The Top.

Err...don't take that as a challenge.

JJ said...



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