Sunday, 22 January 2012

When Wingnutz Are Wrong. . .

When I was a young bloggerling, I was unaware of many internet traditions. From my favourite bloggers, CC and JJ, I quickly learned, among them, of course, the wingnut's fave, moving the goalposts. (See also: Ross, Patrick, passim)

But moving the goalposts is just a tactic. Because the real crux of the matter is that wingnuts CANNOT BACK DOWN.

They take moronic positions and when vestigial logic circuits begin to send signals that they are getting the crap kicked out of them, they simply crank up the motorized goal markers.

There is a grand example of it going on right now.

SUZY ALLCAPSLOCK is in favour of Canada's adopting a nationwide anti-abortion hit list, but not, curiously, in favour of a nationwide registry of known pedophile priests.

SHE is having the crap kicked out of her on HER blogpost announcing HER enthusiasm for anti-abortion terrorism. (I'm trying an experiment here. Usually SHE redirects links to fetal pron, but it appears that SHE is powerless against a shortened link. Because this is an experiment, here's the link. Check back later to see if it turns gory.) **see update below.

Seemingly, amidst the dung-flinging, SHE had one tiny, immaterial thing right. Dr. Dawg looked, found he was wrong, and said:
On this point, it seems I owe you an apology. I found another link that does just what you said. Indefensible, even if the information was in the public domain.

You did not lie on this point, and I withdraw that accusation. I stand by everything else I have said wrt "Nuremberg Files v2.0."

SUZY goes all sanctimonious with:
Thank you for being big enough to apologize. You are forgiven. God Bless.

No, you silly twat*, it's not 'big' to apologize, it's 'big' to ADMIT you were wrong.

Something no rightwingnutjob can EVER do.

Why is that? Has anyone ever seen a wingnut back down in the face of facty-sciency stuff?


For more hilarity, go to CC's and scroll down to 'Aftersnark 3'.

*I got into a twitter spat with another RWNJ yesterday who claimed I was sexist for using that word. I posted that link and suggested to the vocabulary-impaired twit-twat that he check it out. He didn't of course.

**Update from deBeauxOs: Yep, both links now lead to goriness instead of HER original post. In order to see HER blogposts and the comments, go to HER tweet and click on the link there.


CC said...

The circle of life on the Internet: How conservatives argue.

fern hill said...

A classic.

Dr.Dawg said...

That dialogue must have been lifted from a Patrick Ross thread. It had to have been. I felt the familiar sensation of rising gorge, and a dismal sense of nostalgia.

ck said...

Fern, the link did redirect to fetus porn. The shortened link also redirects. Yech! Just after lunch too! Furthermore, the back button wouldn't work for me to go back to your site.

fern hill said...

@dBO. That was weird. I was updating and removing links at the same time you were. The post disappeared altogether. And now it's baaaack.

That SUZY, so classy.

Off to check Dr. Dawg's link. Maybe he's special because he apologized. :/

fern hill said...

Link still works at Dawg's. Awww. Isn't that special. . .

deBeauxOs said...

fern hill, sorry about that. I removed the links completely, then did a save, which temporarily removed the post from our blog. Fixed now, with link at bottom.

JJ said...

Ah yes, the Ceremonial Shifting of the Goalposts, always done shortly after the commencement of the Ritual Bad Faith Debate Point and Strawman (or in this case, Straw Fetus) Argument.

And now for the Weather report: Get your umbrellas out, it's raining logical fallacies!

Orwell's Bastard said...

That was a coffee-out-my-nose moment. Damn you, CC. Damn you all to hell.

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