Monday, 30 January 2012

Hail Mary! and pass the popcorn.

Oh looky.

Fetus lobbyist MP Brad Trost wants to be a martyr.

Many might wonder, as @kady did, doesn't that require somebody to be brutally tortured?

But then there are some fundamentalist religious zygote zealots whose fantasies are fuelled by a well-developed persecution complex.

Take SUZANNE for example. Please.

At any rate, it's always entertaining when the Contempt Party, following the spiteful orders of PMSHithead, makes road kill of one of their MPs.

And it couldn't happen to someone more deserving of .... uh, torment. Except the MASSIVELY gynophobic Maurice Vellacott, of course.

More DJ! posts about Trost, here.

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Niles said...

They haven't made roadkill of him yet, instead, they're just letting him run around and bark and whine, allegedly offleash.

Are we seriously supposed to believe there's some magic power of Harper's that fades when he crossed beyond the national boundaries of Canada? And this lessening of Harpdemort's 'Imperius' curse enables the religious conservatives in his party to suddenly speak their true minds and whine about how their rights and privileges of FreeSpeechinessTM are being abused by the party Powers That Be?

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