Wednesday 25 November 2009

And the Maurice Vellacott Award goes to ...

those manly, virile, and likely R.E.A.L. fathers4justice fellows commenting after the CBC news story about Christopher Little being found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder.

The erudite:
Murder is horrible for everyone.......cheating is alos horrible, against the law in many places(I know Iknow not here). Many posters are saying that the cheating is irrelevant? Are u nuts? Being cheated on puts people in horrible mental states...our society's way of thinking is still too primitive to understand this fact. I am not defending this murder or saying I am an advanced thinker (lol), but you expect people to behave civily after this? This is assuming they were together since CBC stated she was having an afair....
The conspiracy theorist:
Maybe the two women were having the affair. It makes no sense for him to have killed both of them. Had he killed his wife for the affair it might make sense, had he killed her lover it might make sense. But why bother to kill the ex wife of the lover. How would that make any sense. Something is not right about this one.
The men's rights advocate:
What substantial evidence did the jury have that convicted Chris Little of this this double murder without a doubt?
And his sidekick:
I am a female and currently knows of a single father involved with the Ontario Justice system in a family law matter. The biasness towards the single father is beyond believable for 2009. I do not believe that there is evidence beyond the shadow of a doubt in the Chris Little case. In regards to the evidence against Chris Little, infidelity causes a person to do strange things. However, I do not believe he committed a double murder.
The wimminz-are-more-evul dude:
If it had been a woman who'd killed her cheating husband, what do you want to bet that the sentence wouldn't have been nearly as harsh? She probably would have cried in the court room about how upset she was, claimed he was abusive, that she let her emotions get the better of her and didn't know what she was doing, etc., and probably would have only been charged with manslaughter and got parole!
Yeah, dude. Violent men never get just a little slap on the wrist for vicious crimes they committed.

And finally, last but not least, Mr Misconstrue-and-blame-the-gold-digging-unfit-mother-bitch-who-got-what-she-deserved:
Let me see you cheat on the guy, bring you girlfriend to the matrimonial home as possible witness so you can protect your finical interest encase the guy assaults you, but you miscalculated this guys rage and you lost your life and the life of your girl friend, thank god the children were not harmed.

Christopher Little was found guilty of planning and carrying out the "honour" killing of his estranged spouse and he was also found guilty of killing a second woman as a means to evade responsibility for his actions.

The Gynophobe Award is named after Maurice Vellacott in recognition of his recent public statements regarding abortion, namely that it is used as "part of a male agenda to have women more sexually available". Vellacott, a former pastor, claims that women tell him "stories of being badgered, harassed and coerced into getting their abortion by boyfriends, partners, parents and employers". Maurice likes women when they're victims.

When women make choices that he doesn't approve, he says that those are not "real choices".

Uppidate: More on MV's warped perspective, one that emphasizes the victimhood of women and the predatory nature of the male gender. Huh? And neocons like Blob Blogging Wingnut and R.E.A.L. women call pro-choice feminists "men-haters"? Grand merci, big city lib.


Anonymous said...

Bet Maurice hasn't a clue as to the UN's announcement of Network of Men Leaders, today on the 10th Anniversary of Stopping the Violence. Men must teach each other that real men do not violate or oppress women, which includes patronizing us about what women think about abortion.

Maurice, be scared, one of Those women you speak of, could, like, grab and grope you against your will, you flake! Feminist Pro-Lifers, LMAO!

fern hill said...

That knife block is totally creepy. And perfect for the MV Award.

JJ said...

Excellent post, (I agree with fern hill, though -- that knife block makes me feel sick to my stomach).

Vellacott, WTF?

Bina said...

Teh burns!

Srsly, what part of "he killed the other woman to deflect attention from himself" do they not understand? It's a cover-up, plain and simple.

And do they always bend over this far to defend a woman-killer? Shit, they're grabbing their own ankles from behind!

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