Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Maurice Vellacott is at it again.

The perennial sponsor of go-nowhere anti-abortion motions has a new pronouncement:
Vellacott, a former evangelical pastor, recently praised the shortage of doctors performing abortions in Saskatoon. And in the release, he asserted that “pro-life feminists have come to see abortion as part of a male agenda to have women more sexually available.”

And here's the QOTD:
Quipped [Liberal Scott] Brison: “I think the problem with Conservatives is that 90 per cent of them give the other 10 per cent a bad name.”


Anonymous said...

Given that Brison is a former Conservative,
what he says carries a telling observation.

k'in said...

Some people call him "Maurice"...but he's really a "space cowboy" or a "joker"...take yer pick...

Don't want any of them uppity wimmin engaging in any of that "pompetous of love" stuff...

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