Thursday, 26 November 2009

Giving thanks that we are not neoCon rightwingnutz.

Yup. Today is Thanksgiving in the US of A, also known as the official start of Xmas shopping season though retailers have had displays up since Hallowe'en.

So. The
turbaconducken, folks. Another example of 'murrican nutrition-related ingenuity. All your basic food groups are present: fat, salt, sugar and meat.

C.C. this unrefutable "scientific" "proof" that the Homosexual Agenda is poised to unleash its control and influence upon an unsuspecting population. And what about all those ubiquitous rainbow-tinged soap-bubble-blowing machines, now sold to CHILDREN?!?!? Shrieeeeekkk!

From the BBC, we learn that the CIA scraped the bottom of the proverbial barrel in its never-ending campaign to spy upon the citizenry. Now you too can learn CIA operatives' deep dark covert techniques used for communicating secret messages. Hint: get rid of your shoes that have Velcro™ tabs.

And finally- tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day - just a head's up so you can stock up on essential consumables today.

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