Friday, 27 November 2009

Hey, So-Cons! Listen Up!

Just like the National Rethuglicans in the US, the Conservatard Party of Canada continues to pander to so-cons without ever doing anything about their pet projects.

But at least Stephen Harper is upfront about his lack of interest in abortion.
“We have a lot of challenges in front of the country,” Mr. Harper said during an announcement about arts and fitness funding for children. “We have a difficult world economy, as we all know. That has to be the focus of the government and I simply have no intention of ever making the abortion question a focus of my political career.”

Mr. Harper said that while some members of his caucus, as well as some Liberals, would like him to make abortion a priority, “I have not done that in my entire political career. Don't intend to start now.”

“I have been clear throughout my entire political career I don't intend to open the abortion issue,” he said. “I haven't in the past; I'm not going to in the future.”

Last time around though, he left the door open to private members' bills, like the infamous Kicking Abortion's Ass Bill, aka Ken Epp's C-484.

Not anymore.
After Monday's event, however, Mr. Harper's spokesman Kory Teneycke clarified in an e-mail to The Globe and Mail that Mr. Harper would tell his cabinet ministers they could not support any private member's bills that could reopen the debate.

“We can't prevent private member's bills from reaching the floor,” Mr. Teneycke said, “But the government would not support them.”

So-cons should give up on the Conservatards already and vote for the only party that truly represents their misogynist, homophobic, Christian Taliban values -- the Christian Heritage Party.

Just think how comfy so-cons would be with this bunch of losers.


Mentarch said...

It doesn't matter what the religion is - fundies are fundies: parochial, intractable, fearful and ignorant primitive minds.

Bina said...

Ah, the Christian Heritage Party...still there and waving the swastika-shaped pom-poms, I gather?

deBeauxOs said...

It would seem. Blob Blogging Wingnut deplores the fact the party is not "multi-religious", c'est-à-dire not offering a large tent for fundamentalist religious zealots of all stripes.

Well duh. It's called the Christian Heritage Party, isn't it?

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