Thursday, 10 November 2011

*Epic* attack indeed.

DAMMIT JANET! admires Elizabeth Warren. A lot.

There is much in what she says and how she says it that is admirable.

Thus attacks upon her candidacy began, first with the sexist & idiotic and now ... with the big (though far from MASSIVELY endowed) hired gun.

Yep. Karl Rove.
It’s no surprise that Rove and his ilk are attacking Warren. She’s a major threat to the Republican Party and its allied corporate backers for two reasons.

Number one: she’s running even with Brown in a race that may very decide control of the Senate.

Number two: her reformist background and brand of progressive populism is deeply resonant right now. Unlike so many in Washington, she’s taken on the banks and their allies, is not beholden to them, and is not afraid of them. That makes her dangerous to the political establishment in both parties.


Anonymous said...

Liked her since I saw her on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

JJ said...

Warren is everything a progressive politician should be, but usually isn't. There are massively big things in her future.

Run Liz run... all the way to the White House

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