Thursday, 10 November 2011

Smells like a plea bargain.

Walks and quacks like one, too!
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have struck a deal with prosecutors to avoid embarrassing Elections Act charges against four officials accused of deliberately exceeding spending limits in the 2006 campaign that vaulted the Tories to power.

In return, the Conservative Party of Canada and its fundraising arm are pleading guilty to lesser charges that characterize what took place as a mere error instead of intentional misconduct.
What a splendid display of the Contempt that PMSHithead's and his Con jobs have for the criminal justice system and the rule of law.


Beijing York said...

As true to their pattern, this news was not released until after 4-5:00 pm on a Thursday night right before a Remembrance Day Friday. Sounds like a typical CONservative party tactic to make sure this story has no legs.

deBeauxOs said...

Perhaps the PMO didn't release it until that time but it was on CBC and Twitter around 3 pm. That's when it caught my attention.

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