Monday, 17 October 2011

Elizabeth Warren

Usually, I don't have the patience to watch long videos. About six-seven minutes is my limit.

So, last night, as I told my sweetie about Elizabeth Warren, I showed him this (short) video.

Then, from the same YouTube page, he clicked on this. It's nearly an hour long, but it's rivetting and provides the facts and figures for the long decline of the middle class in the US. And, no doubt, things are much the same -- except for the healthcare issue, thank the goddess -- here in Canada.

The lecture was given in 2008, but it explains everything you need to know about the Occupy movement.

Elizabeth Warren has had an interesting and very impressive life. At the moment, she's running for the Senate seat in Massachusetts currently held by this tool.

She's smart, attractive, and a great speaker. A down-to-earth Harvard law professor.

I hope we're looking at the first female president of the US.

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