Sunday, 16 October 2011

OH NO! What now for SUZY ALLCAPS?

Blob Blogging Wingnut's favourite form of expression - ALLCAPSLOCK - is being phased out.
Caps Lock had its uses back in the olden days. [...]

By the 21st century, Caps Lock had become an outdated scourge. Modern-day personal computing—surfing the Web, writing school papers, chatting online—doesn't require nearly as much capitalization. As of 2010, the most-common Caps Lock users are enraged Internet commenters and the computer-illiterate elderly. The key's location makes it a frequent target for an aCCIDENTAL STRIKE when your pinky reaches for the "a." Worst of all, Caps Lock occupies prime real estate that could be deeded to a more useful key, like Control or even a second Enter button. In 2006, Belgian computer programmer Pieter Hintjen launched the "Caps Off" campaign to persuade hardware manufacturers to abandon the key. Their slogan: "STOP SHOUTING!" Many online publications ban comments that are typed in all caps. Some people pry the offending key right off their keyboards in protest.

So why has Caps Lock stuck around so long? The simplest explanation is technological inertia.
From here.

Now if only the rest of the tactics that Fetus Lobby members deploy could also become extinct. As expressed by that now-viral photo:

Religion is like a penis Very Funny Photo

You have the right to hold a religious belief. Just don't shove it down our throats.


ck said...

Oh Gawd! Whatever will poor widdle Suzy do? It won't be pretty. will undoubtedly be worse than I am whenever I try to quit smoking!

Námo Mandos said...

Heck, what will my parents and sundry other older relatives do? They're all capslock dependent, for some reason. The idea of holding down the shift key does not occur.

fern hill said...

I'm having a déja vu.

deBeauxOs said...

Good grief.

fern hill, I can remember you wrote a post about fruit flies but not that you've already blogged about this exact same Google news item - WHEN IT WAS FIRST RELEASED!

eh. I still have CAPSLOCK on my laptop. Not giving it up.

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