Sunday, 17 July 2011

Yo! MSM! Abortion Is an Election Issue


First, DJ! had the story about Tim Hudak's position on abortion. Then Warren Kinsella picked it up.

Now, a seemingly libertarian blogger is running with it.
In the last few days, the blogosphere and twitter have uncovered statements by Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Tim Hudak concerning abortion and the role of the government with respect to abortion. The uncharacteristically unequivocal admissions about his convictions on the abortion issue now make one thing shockingly clear: the fact that Hudak is leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives makes abortion an Ontario election issue. Ontario voters would be well advised to read on.

He quotes from Hudak's statement to Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). But guess what? It's been disappeared from the CLC site.
That quotation appeared on the CLC website as recently as July 4, 2011. A cached version of it appears here. It is as though the twittering of the link to that page and quotation has led to a decision to hide the past: the page now says “The MP was not found”. The truth, apparently, can be rather inconvenient.
. . .
The release of Tim Hudak’s position on abortion has clearly led to a panic in the Progressive Conservative camp. Rightly worried that the electorate might learn who Tim Hudak is, they have begun filling the comments sections of blogs with the usual sorts of excuses.

No such comments here, but see Kinsella's link above for examples.

The blogger concludes:
The sheer volume of comments posted by Progressive Conservatives in defence of Tim Hudak make another thing clear: they don’t want the media touching this issue. That, alone, should tell the media just how important it is for them to ensure that Hudak states his position clearly, and currently. Specifically, it is now incumbent on the media to ask Mr. Hudak to state whether or not he has changed his views on abortion and the role of government, since he made them during his campaigns for office and leadership.

We agree.

Yo! MSM! Time to ask some inconvenient questions of Mr. Hudak.

ADDED July 18: Big City Lib has more. It was his staff who wrote the defunding abortion statement. Or, as BCL puts it, Not Helping. Question remains: does he stand by it? Would he defund abortion?


k'in said...

Let's hope. The MSM made John Tory's sap to social conservatives/pledge to fund religious schools THE (fatal) election issue last campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'm OK with abortion on demand for term less than 20 weeks, but Partial Birth abortion is way beyond the pale.

fern hill said...

@Anonymous: You do realize that 'partial birth abortion' is a totally BS term, don't you?

Anonymous said...

So Partial Birth abortion has another name - whatever you call it, it is just as brutal.

Orwell's Bastard said...

The corporate media isn't going to touch this unless The Man says it's OK. That will happen if and when The Man decides McGoofy is a reliable and palatable enough water-carrier to merit an extension.

Sun Media, on the other hand, won't touch this unless they think they can score a good titty shot.

fern hill said...

If you'd bothered to check the link, you'd see that 'partial birth abortion' is a political invention. It is not a medical term. When late-term abortions are necessary, it is for the health or life of the woman or for serious fetal anomaly.

But nemmind that. What do you think of defunding a medical procedure?

fern hill said...

OB: You are such a (hilarious) cynic. Brian Lilley of Sun Whatsits is on it.

Beijing York said...

Good gawd, don't tell me the faux "partial birth abortion" meme is making it way into the Canadian political landscape. Ugh, shoot me now.

ck said...

Looks like "partial Birth abortions" will become another new dog whistle. It'll go right up there with "honour killings". Let the drinking games begin!

k'in said...

NDP, Liberals, *somebody* please, please, please...exhume those old Lyn McLeod "weather vane" campaign ads...they worked back n the day. Dumbass Hudork's head must be spinning like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist".

"The Campaign Life Coalition, an anti-abortion group, says Hudak was strongly opposed to abortion when he first ran for provincial office in 1995, but has since not responded to any of their questionnaires."

C'mon folks - this Doofus cannot become our Premier.

fern hill said...

k'in's link: CTV.

Also see today's blog post.

Anonymous said...

fern hill said...

Anonymous: That's the procedure. Note that it is NOT called 'partial birth abortion'. That term is pure BS.

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