Thursday 14 July 2011

Tim Hudak Would Defund Abortion

Back here we asked whether Tim (The Doofus) Hudak is a fetus fetishist.

A: A mealy-mouthed maybe/sorta/but don't quote me.

Went looking and found something rather more substantial from a gang calling themselves Reformed Christians (bold mine).
In an email to an ARPA [Association for Reformed Political Action] Contact, Hudak made it clear that he is pro-life and has signed petitions calling for abortion defunding and conscience legislation. The same email mentioned that he strongly agrees with conscience protection for health care workers. Added to this he has recently made it clear that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal should be scrapped.

Ah yes, when the cowardly fetus fetishists won't or can't make abortion illegal, they simply defund it. Like they're doing so effectively in the Excited States.

So, while as previously reported, the more rabid fetus fetishists aren't that keen on him, this bit about defunding abortion needs to be more widely known. Doncha think?

I am no-way, no-how a Liberal. But if the goddess has any mercy atall atall, she'll spare Torontonians from the triple whammy of Harper/Hudak/Ford.

This gang deserves a look -- and maybe some support.

ADDED: Oh, gee, look who reads DAMMIT JANET! Warren Kinsella. h/t is sure a thing of the past, innit?

ADDED: Now with h/t. Thanks, Warren.

ADDED: My goodness, this seems to be growing legs. Good.

ADDED: I can't comment at Kinsella's. (Tried twice. Don't have the sekrit decoder ring?) I wanted to say that this is an entirely legit question. He made that statement in 2009. As premier *shudder* he'd be responsible for health care and its costs. Where better to start 'controlling' costs than by defunding abortion?

ADDED: Big City Lib has a question.

ADDED JULY 16/11: Kinsella still on it.


k'in said...

McGuinty is "done like dinner" as old-timer Toronto Maple Leaf Tiger Williams used to say...he's shedding incumbent MPPs (who presumably want to spend more time with their own "working families" faster than dogs shed fur this time of year.

Yeah, Doofus is leading in the polls but---silver lining---his currency is that he's *not* McGuinty & people don't know much about him. That will change.

The NDP is also on the move. Bob Rae was a generation ago. The strategy needs to be to expose Doofus, not in a scary "the sky is falling" manner --- just to point out his lack of trustworthiness/wishywashiness. The more people learn about Hudak, the less they're going to like him.

Steve said...

Speaking of all hat no cattle, Rob Ford, six sigma donut eater explains," wages should be no more than 20% of a business, in Toronto its 80%" Either Rob can explain what product the City of Toronto manufactures or he is an idiot that does not realize government provides services and just like Google, or a law firm salary will be the largest expense.

Steve said...

What people may not realize about Tiny Tim, is tht he has never had a full time job other than MPP. So a expert at pigging out is going to put families first?

Niles said...

Defunding is obviously the go-to strategy now. Part of that shock theory. Why waste tax money on sluts?

The fetus fetishists who normally annoy the UofC campus decided to set up on the corners of 4th and 4th downtown Wednesday. Standing at the freaking crossing corners of the walks with large billboards of the usual dead fetus porn. The people trying to cross the streets were not impressed. Most tried to ignore the show. Others, perhaps fueled by Stampeding, were a bit more up front with their opinions towards the displays.

It was sadly womaned by the usual martyr zombies. I put my two cents in and all I got back was pious whingeing about saving lives. Not womens' of course. I'd have given a dollar's worth, but I was trying to make a meeting -across-the-street. Likely wouldn't have made a difference. Told the person I was with, they were lying for Jesus, which at least caused her to burst out laughing.

I wondered where the cops were, since there was obstruction of safe traffic.

These obedient women would gladly defund all abortion surgeries.

Anonymous said...

My own non-scientific staw poll indicates that pro-Ford voters are quickly back-tracking in horror at the volume of promises not backed by intelligent analysis. Most of us who've been around a while were pretty sure he couldn't do what he said without raising taxes or cutting services but it took a while for the reality of it all to take root.

I'd say the voting public is sophisticated enough (probably now more than before) to realize that the personal opinions held by Hudak about abortion would probably find their way into legislation sooner rather than later, and understand that a three-fold conservative city/province is too bleak a picture to countenance. Hudak also doesn't like the idea of gay marriage so he's fitting quite snugly into a conservative stereotype many conservatives are trying to shed. I guess if you want a "Moral Majority" kindgdom of conservatives you should vote for Hudak. The rest of us (and thank you Janet for bringing this front and center) will opt for balance thankyouverymuchkbye.

fern hill said...

I really hope you're right, wolfshades. I'd like to believe that citizens retain some respect for that elite analytical stuff. Which is manifestly missing from our current political scene.

Working Families said...

Thank you for linking to us. You have opened up a whole new group of visitors. In the coming days and weeks we will be reaching out to more people in the blogosphere warning about the dangers of a right wing Tim Hudak led Conservative party (they are no longer Progressive). Stay tuned…

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