Monday, 18 July 2011

Hudak Weasels

Well, at least they tried to get an answer out of him.
Hudak won't address abortion beliefs

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak appears to be shying away from his previous anti-abortion position.

When he was running for the PC leadership in 2009, Hudak told the Association for Reformed Political Action he is pro-life and had signed petitions calling for the defunding of abortions.

Hudak said Monday he "may have" signed a petition in that regard, but quickly added he has no intention of re-opening the abortion debate if the Tories win the Oct. 6 Ontario election.

However, the Opposition Leader refused to say if he still opposes abortion.

When questioned by reporters, Hudak said only that he would follow Prime Minister Stephen Harper's lead and leave the abortion issue alone.

The Campaign Life Coalition, an anti-abortion group, says Hudak was strongly opposed to abortion when he first ran for provincial office in 1995, but has since not responded to any of their questionnaires.

Other media on it: Toronto Sun, CTV, and LifeShite.

Are you happy with this? I'm not.

ADDED: The Star. And Kinsella exhorts bloggers and tweeps to keep up the pressure.

ADDED: National Pest.


Anonymous said...

Tim Hudak might not re-open the abortion debate himself, but that says nothing about anyone else. Perhaps the entire PC caucus might "spontaneously" vote to re-open the debate. Or perhaps the federal Conservatives will re-open it, and then Mr. Hudak would just be "responding".

He's free to hold any view privately and personally he chooses to. If he still holds a position that is relevant to government, he should clearly state what it is and stop sneaking around. Who wants to bet organizations like Campaign Life Coalition that are helping him hide publicly are telling their members to vote for him privately?

ck said...

I love how Timmy says he "may" have signed that petition. It's like saying 'I sorta got pregnant'. He either did or he didn't. We already know that he did. What a weasel! How many Ontarians are naive enough to swallow that?

I think it's time for some attack ads on this subject.

I wonder if Suzy and Andrea are going to be volunteering on Timmy's campaign now?

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