Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Misogynists on Parade

Just how many misogynist fetus fetishists are being fielded by Tim Hudork's PC party?

Today, Kinsella serves up some 'choice' quotes from another one, Ottawa Citizen columnist Randall Denley, who is running in Ottawa West - Nepean.

He's been a columnist for quite a while, so there is no shortage of material.

My fave:
“Canadian women have been able to end the lives of their unborn children simply for reasons of convenience and with no greater social approbation than one would face for cancelling an inconvenient dinner reservation.” (December 1, 1996)

He is considered to be a 'star' candidate. The women of Ottawa West - Nepean need to know what he thinks of them.

The same paper today has a zinger by Kenneth Gray titled 'Hudak's Gutless Stand On Abortion'.

In related news, SUZY ALLCAPS isn't impressed with Hudork either. She's sticking with the Family Coalition Party.

Don't you hate it when shameless, gutless pandering doesn't even snare the nutbar vote?

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Anonymous said...

The people of Nepean are hopeless. Both Baird and the petite Polli the puffer were elected there. these people should loose the right to vote.

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