Tuesday, 19 July 2011

'Journalism' FAIL!

Why am I not getting paid when journamammals like this jackass presumably do get paid to get it wrong.
Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak is following in the path of his federal counterpart Stephen Harper and staying out of the abortion debate.

Last week, the Association for Reformed Political Action, a national non-profit Christian organization, posted text from a 2009 email written by a Hudak leadership campaign staffer that stated, "(Hudak) is pro-life and has signed petitions calling for abortion defunding and conscience legislation."

Hudak, later questioned by reporters at a press conference at Queen's Park, said he "may have" signed petitions in his riding calling to end abortion funding in the past, but would follow Harper's lead and leave the issue alone if elected Oct. 6.

Cripes. The link in that goes to this page at Association for Reformed Political Action, where right at the tippy top of the page under 'Clarification: Hudak story' it says:
An old ARPA article from 2009 has been getting a lot of attention in Ontario over the past few days in light of comments about Tim Hudak and whether he is pro-life. In light of that, we checked back through our old emails from two years ago to verify what was written. The content was correct, but it should have clarifified that the email came from Hudak's campaign team at that time, not Hudak himself.

Old. Story. From PC leadership campaign. In 2009.

Not. Last. Week.

What did happen last week is DJ! found said ARPA article and blogged it. Kinsella picked it up and the rest, as they say, is history.

Andy Radia is the useless goof's name.


k'in said...

"Tim Hudak follows in the path of Stephen Harper..."

Historically, the voters of Ontario have shown an instinctive preference to elect *not* the same party that holds office federally. It is really dumb (for him - but good for Ontario - that he's self immolating to the point that even the fetus fetishists aren't sure if he's real or make-believe)...That Hudak is openly associating with Harper on any issue, let alone abortion, means he is worse than just a big doofus -- he's a *gullible* big doofus.

ck said...

uh-oh! Poor widdle Andrea Mrozek is cryin' the blues about how Timmy ain't a standing' up to the big bad bullies!


fern hill said...

ck's link

fern hill said...

@k'in: I hope you're right and history holds up. The man is a lying idiot.

Pseudz said...

Chain gangs . . . now, a drug-lab real estate registry . . . this guy seems more like the paradigm nightmare (discipline) vice-principal than an actual leader. His advisers and pitchmen have him promising to swat flies with hammers. Weak, vindictive wafflers do not a happy province make.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this, Fern.

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