Saturday, 7 May 2011

"You like me!"

Prime Minister Stephen Harper waves to the crowd following his speech on election night in Calgary. Harper won his coveted majority government.

"You really, really like me!?!?!"

Actually ^NOT, Stevie. The Contempt Party sycophants screaming your name at your election night whoop-de-do still fear and loathe you. But they're happy enough to belong to a *winning* party. And they don't care which dirty tricks facilitated that turn of events because soon they'll be lining up at the trough, a venerable tradition in your party. It's why we call you Cons.

Here's someone who certainly doesn't like you & who nailed what you and your regime stand for - an authoritarian government who will spy on its citizens, build more prisons, spend millions of dollars on military toys and encourage the privatization of health care.

She and her husband belong to the collateral damage your Contempt Party has caused on the road to a dominionist Canada controlled by you and your acolytes.

From here, Remy Beauregard and Suzanne Trépanier with War Child Canada.

Rémy Beauregard, de l’Ontario à l’Ouganda

They chose this work as an expression of their commitment to social justice and human rights, not for the opportunity to make money or to secure votes.

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Bina said...

Blecch. What a hideous logo. Triumphalism, thy name is Harpo. Good thing his honeymoon will be over before the next parliament convenes.

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