Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The most important story of elxn41

First, the most important story isn't as *sexy* as some elements in the Ruth Ellen Brosseau saga.

By the way, it's important to note that she's not the first poteau elected to the House of Commons. A number of those were swept into Parliament by Mulroney's mammoth wave of new-elected Progressive Conservative MPs in 1984. I don't recall they were subjected to the same level of sustained scrutiny as she's been since her election.

So, the critical story is the increasing use of US-style political dirty tricks exploited before and during election campaigns. Excellent deconstructions of the Contempt Party's use of attack ads to plant negative images and narratives that might influence how electors view the Opposition leader were done here and here.

But it puzzles me that nobody in the purported *liberal* media has produced a thorough investigation of the MASSIVE amount of robo-calls deployed in specific ridings to deliberately irritate electors and to present false information.

It's been determined by tracing some of them to their source that most if not all originated with one US-based company. It is critical to establish who produced this carefully-crafted harassment campaign and how it was paid for.

Did #Contempt Party political operatives encourage supporters to fund this initiative and did they tell them to direct their financial contributions to a US-based company in order to evade the purview of Elections Canada?

Canadians want and need to know if this is the case.


Rick Barnes said...

I am please you have raised this matter. It seems clear to me that the calls were made to support Conservative ambitions. Does anyone know the name of the company?

Beijing York said...

I agree, Rick and dBO. This really should be investigated further. I wonder about the company too? I can't see a legitimate outfit participating in this fraud.

janfromthebruce said...

Has the Liberal Party of Canada looked in to this? It seemed to be directed @ close races between the Libs & Cons.

deBeauxOs said...

Most, if not all ridings selected had a Lib incumbent. I don't think this phenom was reported in the province of Québec.

However, the problem is bigger than the Liberal defeat; it concerns the integrity of our Canadian electoral system which the Cons' Contempt Party has been trying to corrupt and subvert for years, now.

janfromthebruce said...

another reason for not wanting "deep integration" with the USA - we don't want their slimy politics!

Beijing York said...

These attacks seem less sophisticated than the more elaborate League of American Voters, that recently used robocalls in Wisconsin to gain support for the anti-union agenda. Sourcewatch has a good round up on this gang:


What happened in this recent election might be a prelude to having robocalls promoting future controversial private members' bills.

fern hill said...

BY's link.

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